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The great thing about the Android smartphone market is that many manufacturers are setting the pace of what a phone can do. This is true with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which is not only larger than the S10+ but is capable of accessing the 5G network that is spreading across the country. However, those features come at a cost, and you'll want to protect your investment so you won't have to worry about accidental drops. Here are the best cases you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Spigen Tough Armory for Galaxy S10 5G

Tried and true: Spigen Tough Armor

Staff pick

Finding the medium between a slim-fit and ultra-protective case can be rather tough, but Spigen does a wonderful job with its Tough Armor case. There are two layers of protection, along with a built-in kickstand and raised lips around the screen and camera to keep your glass safe from harm.

$17 at Amazon
FYY RFID Leather Wallet Case

Protect everything: FYY RFID Leather Wallet Case

While it's important to keep your phone protected, it's equally as important to keep items such as your credit cards and ID's protected. The FYY RFID Wallet case does this with its built-in RFID shielding material, along with the handmade cowhide leather for the ultimate wallet case.

$30 at Amazon
Spigen Thin Fit for Galaxy S10 5G

Fast and thin: Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen is one of the most trusted brands for smartphone accessories. The Spigen Thin Fit is an excellent case for those who want a little bit of protection, but don't want to add extra bulk to the slim profile of the S10 5G.

$10 at Amazon
Ghostek Covert for Galaxy S10 5G

See-through defense: Ghostek Covert

The Ghostek Covert does two things very well. It keeps the S10 5G safe from drops with its military-grade bumper and shows off the device thanks to the clear back shell.

$15 at Amazon
Poetic Revolution for Galaxy S10 5G

Kick it up: Poetic Rugged Case with Kickstand

Those folks out there who want as much protection as possible will want to look at the Poetic Revolution, which is a "full-body" cover. This case offers 360-degrees of protection and even has a built-in kickstand, so you can prop it up to watch your favorite podcast or show.

$17 at Amazon
Trianium Clairum for Galaxy S10 5G

Show off: Trianium Clarium Hybrid Case

What's the point of getting an awesome phone if you can't show it off? That's where the Trianium Clarium comes in, as this ultra-slim case offers a snug fit with a hard-shell clear back. The Clarium will be able to handle just about everything you can throw at it while letting you show off your new phone in the process.

$9 at Amazon
VRS Design Slim Wallet for Galaxy S10 5G

Keep it slim: VRS Slim Wallet Case

It can be annoying to have a boatload of things in your pockets. That's why more and more people are using wallet cases. This VRS Slim Wallet case offers a slim and protective form factor, plus a rear slot capable of holding up to 2 cards and even a little bit of cash. You can have everything you need without the bulk.

$20 at Amazon
Nagabee Holster for Galaxy S10 5G

Get the holster: Nagabee Full Coverage Holster

Although holster cases aren't as popular as they once were, they can still be found; NagaBee offers a great one for the S10 5G. This case features a TPU inner shell with a polycarbonate outer shell and a clip holster for maximum protection.

$9 at Amazon
Goospery Bumper for Galaxy S10 5G

Jelly coverage: GOOSPERY Jelly TPU Case

While using a TPU case is fine and dandy, there is just something about the material that isn't always comfortable to hold. The GOOSPERY Jelly case gets rid of that weird feeling while keeping your phone protected along with keeping it from slipping out of your hands.

$9 at Amazon
SupCase Unicorn Beetle for Galaxy S10 5G

Protective versatility: SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro

The SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro has been a community favorite for years thanks to its combination of protection and versatility. The case offers elevated bezels to protect the screen from scratches and is rated for withstanding drops up to 20 feet. Plus, SupCase includes a belt-clip holster, and that's not even counting the built-in kickstand.

$20 at Amazon
Huness Floral TPU for Galaxy S10 5G

Flower power: Huness TPU Flower Bumper Case

Some folks don't care about having card slots or a built-in kickstand and just want a solid and reliable case. The Huness TPU Bumper Case is perfect for those people. Plus, this case offers a bit more pizazz with the floral pattern on the back. Huness also offers a 30-day limited warranty if you are not satisfied after purchase.

$8 at Amazon
VRS Design Damda High Pro Shield for Galaxy S10 5G

Keep it in your hand: VRS Design Damda High Pro Shield

Everyone hates when they get a new case and find that it's just too slippery, leaving the phone on the ground instead of your hand. The VRS Damda High Pro Shield helps to solve this with the unique palm rest found on the back. The case itself works with most wireless chargers and offers raised edges along both the camera module and screen to protect against scratches.

$16 at Amazon

Can I use a Galaxy S10 Plus case with the Galaxy S10 5G?

Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSource: Android Central

While it may seem like the Galaxy S10 5G only has different internals than its brother the Galaxy S10+, that's not the case. The S10 5G sports a 6.7-inch display, compared to the 6.4-inch display found on the S10+.

The included quad-camera system and 4,500mAh battery add some additional thickness to the S10 5G, which pushes this phone even further away from the S10 lineup. With this, you'll definitely need to get a dedicated case for the S10 5G.

What would we pick?

When compared to many other devices released, the S10 5G stands alone due to its substantive price tag. That means you will want to make sure that your investment is protected with an excellent case. If protection is the name of the game, you can't go wrong with the Spigen Tough Armor with its dual-layer protection and a built-in kickstand. In addition to offering precise cutouts and a familiar design, the Tough Armor also sports Spigen's Air Cushion technology for increased shock-absorption.

Those looking for a case that is functional and protective won't want to look any further than the FYY RFID Leather Wallet. There are five different leather color choices to pick from, and the built-in RFID shielding technology will keep your credit/debit cards and ID safe from falling into the hands of the wrong people. Plus, this case doubles as a kickstand, so you can kick back and enjoy some videos on your lunch break.

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