Best Food Delivery Apps Android Central 2020

There are just some days where you don't feel like making anything for lunch or dinner, and can't go anywhere. That's where these various food delivery services come into play, and there are more options than ever. You can get some of your favorite restaurants delivered right to your door.

All the restaurants: DoorDash

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DoorDash has partnered with popular restaurants across the country, including the likes of Panera Bread, Qdoba, and Chipotle. You'll also get access to traditional "sit-down" restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, and more. DoorDash offers its "DashPashs," which will lower service fees and $0 delivery fees if you want to save a few bucks.

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Perks and rewards: Grubhub

Those who order delivery regularly don't want to sleep on Grubhub. The service features Perks to help you find the best deals in town while offering rewards for ordering. Grubhub even works with restaurants so that you can pick up the food yourself, instead of having it delivered.

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Just Uber it: Uber Eats

It was only a matter of time before Uber Eats became reality, and this ties right into your Uber account. The company claims that more than "1 billion orders have been delivered" by Uber Eats drivers. That's likely due to the easy interface to find the food you want while being able to track exactly where your driver is at.

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So many choices: Postmates

It's not fun to sign up for a food delivery service only to be disappointed in the choices. That's not an issue when using Postmates, as there are over 500,000 restaurants to choose from across more than 4,200 cities. With Postmates Unlimited, you'll get free deliveries on orders more than $12 and you can pay either monthly or yearly (and save more).

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Stay at home: Instacart

Can't make it to the grocery store, but need something for dinner? Instacart can save the day. You can use this service to do the grocery shopping for you. Just select your store, add the items to your cart, and the Instacart "Shopper" will pick everything up. And if the store doesn't have something you originally ordered, the Instacart app features a chat functionality so you can chat with the Shopper and get the right items.

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Get help deciding: Zomato

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what you should eat because you're tired of the same thing? Let Zomato help you out. The app makes it easy to filter through the various restaurants around you. You can view ratings and reviews, and with Zomato Gold, you'll be able to save up to 40% on your order.

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Order directly from your favorite restaurant

Dominos Pizza Pixel 4 LifestyleSource: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

These food delivery services are great since you're provided with tons of different options. However, if you already know what you're craving, then you can check to see if that restaurant has an app of its own. More and more restaurants are getting on board with using an app instead of just a website, and here are some of our favorites.

Track the whole process: Domino's Pizza

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Some apps just let you know when the food is on the way, while the Domino's app takes it up a notch. The built-in "Domino's Tracker" gives you a step-by-step overview of where your pizza is in the making process. After the pizza has been finished, you'll be able to track how far it is from your home, right before arriving on the doorstep.

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Earn and redeem: Chick-Fil-A

Do you need your chicken fix? You'll be able to earn points with purchases and earn rewards like free sandwiches or meals. Plus, you can even get your food delivered right to you, without ever leaving the house.

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Spicy burrito: Chipotle

The Chipotle app is one of the most well-rounded of the bunch since it's easy to just place your order and get it delivered. Those who are a part of the Chipotle Rewards can keep track of points earned, and then redeem them for Rewards on a later order. And then you can either set it up to pick up your meal yourself or have it delivered to you (in select cities).

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Love That Chicken: Popeyes

Popeyes surprisingly has an app of its own that makes it easy to order you some traditional chicken meals. There are mobile-only offers that will give you some extra freebies. And as expected, you'll have the ability to set up your Popeyes meal for delivery.

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Fresh and healthy: Panera Bread

Panera doesn't only focus on selling great loaves of bread and pastries. The restaurant also provides fantastic and healthy meals for everyone, and best of all these can get delivered right to you. And if you sign up for MyPanera, you will build up rewards with every purchase, and taking advantage of "Rapid Reorder" to quickly get food if you're busy.

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Better ingredients and pizza: Papa John's

Pizza solves a lot of issues when it comes to trying to figure out what to eat. And Papa John's has some of the best fast-food pizza you can get. With the mobile app, you can customize your pizza to your heart's content, and then get it delivered and earn Papa Rewards for discounts on future orders.

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Let the food come to you

It really can be a hassle to have every single meal planned out over the course days or weeks. Food delivery services help take the headache out trying to decide what to eat, as you can just order something for everyone. As you self-isolate, it's also now easier than ever to get food from local restaurants.

Those who don't want to be limited by where they can order will want to look at DoorDash. There are more than 300,000 restaurants that allow for DoorDash delivery across more than 4,000 cities. And if you sign up for DashPass, those pesky service fees will be reduced and you won't have to worry about any delivery fees.

What is awesome nowadays is the fact that more and more of your favorite restaurants are providing delivery services of their own. Whether you want some pizza from Domino's or Papa John's, or something a bit healthier like from Panera Bread, there's something for everyone. This way, you won't need to leave the home and can still enjoy the food you love if you were out and about.