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Get healthy and eat right with these great Android Diet apps

MobileFitHealthy eating isn't easy. Places like 5 Guys or your local watering hole make it even harder. But it's one of the keys to living healthy and getting in shape. Like a lot of things, your Android can make it a bit less painful with some great apps. If you want to track calories, or get a little deeper and analyze fats or carbs, or if you just want a good diet plan laid out to help make shopping healthy easier, these apps can help. Head past the jump and have a look!

Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant

Diet assistant is your personal food coach when you want to eat healthy. You can choose from different diets like vegetarian, healthy lifestyle, high-protein intake and more, and Diet Assistant will lay out a daily plan that gets you on the right track to get more healthy. You've alos got plenty of options in the app, like a widget and database backup.

If you're not the type who likes entering each little thing you eat, and want an app to help you make healthy choices, you want to give Diet Assistant a look.

Download: Diet Assistant - Weight Loss (free)

Calorie Counter — MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal will help you count those calories as well as keep track of your exercise and how it affects your goals. It has a social aspect, where you can add friends and encourage them, as well as view what they're eating for inspiration. It has a fairly complete library of foods built in, and you can scan a barcode to enter just about any of them making your journal entries easy.

The app also helps track your weight loss, and can estimate just how much you're losing. It also syncs with the website so you can keep track from your computer as well as back up your data.

The app is free and ad supported. Grab it below.

Download: Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal (free)

Lose It!

Lose It!

Lose It! starts by helping you set a weight loss goal, then calculating how many calories you can eat each day to meet it. Like most apps on this list, you enter each food you've eaten and the amount, and the app gives you a set of statistics of how many calories you've gobbled up and how many you have left for the day. The app also features helpful tips about things like sodium intake or which foods are fat-free.

The daily overview is quite good, and with in-app purchases can monitor your body fat, sleep cycles, daily hydration and more. the full premium features also connect with devices like your FitBit tracker or Jawbone up.

Lose It! is a great diet app you should have a look at.

Download: Lose It! (free, in-app purchases)

Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary

My Net Diary

Calorie Counter PRO is my favorite, and the app I'm going to use. You track your foods and set your goals, and the app can give you a great daily analysis that includes pointers on what you have done that's great, as well as ways you could do better based on what you've entered for the day. There's also plenty of options to enter your daily exercise, including custom entries for folks who might not be able to do things like squats or jog.

While it's not free, the price of a Starbucks can help you decide how many of those Starbucks you should be drinking.

Download: Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary ($3.99)

Diet Point * Weight Loss

Diet Point

Diet Point takes the guesswork out of eating healthy. There are over 130 diet plans to choose from, and the app includes a BMI calculator and weight tracker to help you see your progress. An extra we really like is the way Diet Point helps build your shopping list so you buy the right food while at the grocers. Add in things like a helpful community and meal reminders, and Diet Point clearly earns its place on our best list.

The app is free, and an in-app subscription unlocks extra meal plans, your shopping lists and meal reminders.

Download: Diet Point · Weight Loss (free, in-app subscriptions)

What's your favorite?

While apps may not be a cure-all for poor eating habits, they certainly can't hurt. Give one of these great apps a try, or tell us in the comments if you have a favorite.