Best Clear Cases for Pixel 4 Android Central 2021

With its slick glass back and striking color options, the Pixel 4 is a gorgeous piece of tech. As good as it may look, though, the right drop will turn it into a shattered mess in no time at all. If you want to avoid that from happening without hiding the Pixel 4's natural beauty, a clear case is what you'll want. Here are our favorite ones!

The clear winner: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

When it comes to clear cases, the best one you can get is the Spigen Liquid Crystal. It's a slim and lightweight case that's form-fitted to go on the Pixel 4 just right. The TPU material gives the phone a welcomed grip, and at just 0.11-inches thick, it doesn't add unwanted bulk.

$10 at Amazon

Slim and rugged: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

If you find yourself needing a bit more protection than what the Liquid Crystal can offer, the Ultra Hybrid fits the bill nicely. Along with its clear back, there's also a reinforced bumper that gives you even more safety against drops/falls.

From $11 at Amazon

Made out of glass: ESR Mimic Case

Most clear cases are made entirely out of plastic, but this one from ESR is unique because the back is actually constructed out of tempered glass. This allows the Pixel 4 to feel just as premium, and the glass ESR uses is resistant against unwanted scratches.

From $17 at Amazon

Reinforced corners: PLESON Shockproof Case

Another clear case that offers excellent drop protection is the PLESON Shockproof Case. All four corners are reinforced to absorb tough falls and keep your Pixel 4 looking good for years to come. We also love the tactile button covers and lifetime warranty.

$9 at Amazon
Totallee Clear Case for Pixel 4

As thin as they come: Totallee Clear Case

Totallee's clear case isn't the most affordable option out there, but if you want one of the thinnest clear cases money can buy, this is it. Along with an ultra-slim and lightweight design, Totallee's case also offers fantastic grip, doesn't get dirty too easily, and has a 100% satisfaction gurantee.

$29 at Amazon

Built-in kickstand: ESR Metal Kickstand Case

In the world of clear cases, one of the most unique options is the ESR Metal Kickstand Case. As you can see, the back of the case has a kickstand that pops out, making it easy to prop up the Pixel 4 wherever you go. You can use it vertically and horizontally.

$17 at Amazon

If we're making some suggestions

The case world has a ton of excellent options for the Pixel 4, but as far as clear cases go, these are the best of the best.

At the end of the day, our top recommendation goes to the Spigen Liquid Crystal. It's lightweight, doesn't add any bulk, and gives you ample protection against daily use. Plus, seeing as how Spigen's one of the best case-makers in the business, you can rest assured you're getting a quality product.

Another case we'd urge you to check out is the Totallee Clear Case. It's the most expensive case on this list by a large margin, but it's also one of the best you can find. It's wonderfully thin, adds a ton of grip to the Pixel 4, and is backed by a generous money-back guarantee.

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