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The Google Pixel 4 is a significant switch from the previous Pixels, ditching the two-tone glass and the fingerprint sensor. However, it's still a glass-backed flagship phone. While it's important to protect any phone from dust, dirt, bumps, and scratches, it's especially important to do this from the get-go with a glass-backed device. So whether you want a clear case that can show off the Pixel 4's loveliness or prefer a more robust heavy-duty case to keep things locked down, we've spent hours looking for the best Pixel 4 cases out there.

Liquid Armor

Slim grip: Spigen Liquid Air

Staff Pick

This slim case features a wonderful texture on the back and sides, allowing you to add a bit of drop protection and a lot of grip without succumbing to the same old siren song of the carbon fiber case.

$13 at Amazon
Tudia Merge Series

Dependable defender: Tudia Merge Series

Prefer your cases with a bit more protection? Tudia's Merge Series features the classic hybrid format, four color options, and an excellent price for a long-lasting, heavy-duty case.

Weird flex, but I dig it

Get a grip: Caseology Solid Flex Crystal

Caseology's clear case is just amazingly grippy, and the slight contouring around the corners for more robust air cushions allows it to blend into the Pixel 4's distinct design while keeping a slim, protective profile.


The bluest of blues: OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox's Symmetry series is slightly more svelte than previous generations, and this "Sapphire Secret" color is just a wonderful reminder of the original Google Pixel. I am absolutely in love with it.

Studio Colour

Plant-based protection: Tech21 Studio Colour

This ultra-thin case is made from plant-based materials, but don't mistake it for some delicate flower. This case can withstand drops from as high as two meters and has antimicrobial properties, which are always handy for keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. Find it in coral, black, and pewter.

$26 at Amazon

Diamond durable: Ringke Fusion-X

The Fusion-X is a distinct look, for sure, but I'm a fan because it's a clear case that can go the distance, and its colored bumpers add some flair in Black, Blue, or Camo Black.

Snakehive Wallet

Carry it all in style: Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Want a European nubuck leather wallet case for half the price of Bellroy, in more colors, and with free engraving? Snakehive's got you covered with five colors, three card slots, and a cash pocket.

$37 at Amazon

Extra drop protection: Ghostek Covert

This case is more translucent than actually clear, but it still lets the Google branding shine through while adding Ghostek's mil-spec shock-absorbing corner guards. I especially like the pink version.

UB Pro

Kick drops to the curb: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

This ultra-rugged case is ready for anything: it comes with a built-in screen protector, a kickstand around back, dust plugs to protect your USB-C port, and even a holster clip if your pockets tend to be too small for a phone.

$20 at Amazon
Totallee Thin

Like nothing's there: Totallee Thin

Totallee offers three variants of its iconic ultra-minimalist case available for the Pixel 4 at the moment: a hardshell matte black, a hardshell frosted clear, and a softer TPU crystal clear. Here's hoping they add leather soon. But, for now, enjoy the thin fit of rubber, TPU, and plastic with extra grip for the phone.

$10 at Amazon

Fantastic in hand: Google Fabric Case

Google's fabric cases have been hits year after year, but this year they truly do look better than ever. From the Could Be Coral to the awesome-looking Blue-ish, this microfiber-lined case is a winner.

Teelevo Card Case Pixel 4 Purple

Covert card carrying: Teelevo Wallet

If you like to carry your cards with you without the design or added bulk of a folio case, this hard-shell case offers recessed storage for a few credit cards as well as a kickstand for break room YouTube binges.

$15 at Amazon
Double the fun

Keep a spare: ESR Essential Zero (2-Pack)

ESR's clear cases are great on their own, but when you can get two of them for the cost of one Ringke or Spigen, it makes the deal all the sweeter while giving you a spare.

$10 at Amazon
Neo Hybrid

Herringbone rocks: Spigen Neo Hybrid

While there aren't as many colors of Neo Hybrid available this year, the Neo Hybrid will always be a welcome option with that swank Herringbone texture and great protection.

$12 at Amazon
Crave Heavy Duty Case Pixel

Heavy duty and fashionable: Crave Heavy-Duty Protection Series Case

Offering a great balance of heavy-duty protection with stylish design, the dual-layer TPU and PC offers shock absorption in the event of drops, bumps, and falls. Available in four color options (navy is pretty sleek!), the three black stripes across the bottom add a bit of "cool" to the otherwise basic design.

$12 at Amazon

No matter your taste, your phone needs a case

The Google Pixel 4's slim size means that even a heavier duty case can still feel sleek in hand, and when combined with a slim but grippy case like the Spigen Air Armor, it feels fantastic. The Air Armor seems like a light-duty case, but I've worn them for months, and they're all the protection you'll need unless you're an outdoorsman.

On the more robust end of the scale, the Tudia Merge Series and OtterBox Symmetry Series are both solid heavy-duty cases with long pedigrees and subtle sophistication. The Tudia's hybrid style is easier to get on and off, but the Sapphire Secret is just the best color ever, which is why it's the case my personal Pixel 4 has been rocking. Both will serve your Pixel 4 well, as would any case in this roundup.

If you're more partial to a wallet case so you can leave your wallet and/or purse at home, when it comes to the best Pixel 4 cases, we have also rounded up a good selection of the best wallet cases for the Google PIxel 4.

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