Regular cases with solid colors are great for those that are okay with covering up their Samsung Galaxy S6, but a quality clear case can offer exceptional protection while still showing off your phone's original design. Some factors come into play with these transparent options like how the glossy finish will show fingerprints and scratches, but the main goal here is still to keep the Galaxy S6 itself free from damage. Let's check out some of our top choices.

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Ringke Fusion

The popular Ringke Fusion case keeps a slim form around the Galaxy S6 and is completely clear, edges and all. Keeping dust and debris from infiltrating the ports are dust caps — you can remove them entirely if you find that they hinder more than help. The lip around the front of the phone keeps the display raised just enough to prevent scuffing when set on flat surfaces. Included with this case are protective films for both the screen and back of the Galaxy S6. You can also create your own design using the DIY template and place it between the phone and the case for a more unique look.

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle

This clear case offers extra protection over the traditional snap-on cover, utilizing a high-grade TPU and transparent polycarbonate to absorb impacts and enhance grip around the Galaxy S6. Even though the Unicorn Beetle is slightly thicker, it still allows the phone's design to shine through.

The front bezel provides plenty of room to keep the display scratch-free, the side buttons are raised through the TPU edges for an easier press, and there are cutouts for all the features of the Galaxy S6. If you're after a clear case with a little more drop-security, the Unicorn Beetle is an excellent choice.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen's solution to keeping the Galaxy S6 safe from minor damage while showing off its design is the Ultra Hybrid case. This slim cover features a clear plastic shell on the back and a matching TPU bumper that helps to absorb shock. All 4 corners of the case pack Spigen's Air Cushion Technology — essentially an air pocket that handles impacts — next to clear button covers that make accessing the power and volume buttons easier while the case is worn.

You won't find port covers on this case, but there is an integrated strap insert on the lower left corner for attaching a lanyard. The back shell of this cover helps to cut down on the slipperiness of the Galaxy S6 and Spigen even includes a single protector for the back of the phone, albeit slightly short in size.

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Urban Armor Gear Case

My personal favorite, the Urban Armor Gear Case for Galaxy S6 is designed to offer amazing grip with rugged accents while still showing off the back of phone through its transparent polycarbonate shell. All the major impact points are covered with a shock-absorbent TPU and the edges feature a textured grip that helps keep the Galaxy S6 in your hand and off the ground.

This clear case even meets military drop-test standards, but manages to stay relatively slim, making it ideal for an active lifestyle. Although the Urban Armor Gear case comes in a variety of colors, this "Maverick Ice" version is your best bet for keeping things clear.

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Incipio Feather Case

The absolute slimmest option of the bunch is the Feather case from Incipio. This polycarbonate cover simply snaps on around the back of the Galaxy S6, leaving easy access to the side buttons, ports, camera, and display. Such a low-profile case comes with its disadvantages though. The front bezel is basically non-existent and you shouldn't expect much protection when the phone takes a tumble.

Around the rear camera is a flash-diffusing bezel that keeps your photos looking glare-free. The Feather case is extremely lightweight — hence the name — and almost feels as if you're not even using a case, but for that very reason it's a cover that should be worn with caution.

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What's your favorite clear case?

There are still a huge number of clear cases for the Galaxy S6 on the market and surely some of you are using different brands than the ones mentioned here. Let us know what clear case is your favorite!

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