Best Clear Cases for Galaxy S20 Android Central 2021

The Galaxy S20 is a beautiful flagship, so why would you want to cover it up? Simple: it's an expensive glass-backed phone, and you need to protect it if you want it to last you for the next few years! These are the prettiest, toughest, and clearest clear cases available right now.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy S20 Case

Timeless classic: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

Year after year, time after time, this ends up being my most-used and most-trusted clear case because it adds the right amount of grip and doesn't detract from the phone's natural look.

$10 at Amazon
Ringke Fusion X

Bump it up: Ringke Fusion X

The clear back shows off your S20's color while the stylized bumper keeps the phone safe from drops and dings. I'll admit, it's got a divisive look, but I like it, especially the Space Blue version.

Tech21 Evo Check Purple Galaxy S20

Fight the grime: Tech21 Evo Check

This clear case is ready for the apocalypse. The ribs in the bumper can help it withstand 12-foot drops and the built-in BioShield should help kill germs and keep your case clean.

$40 at Amazon
ESR Essential Zero Galaxy S20 Clear Case

Grip and shine: ESR Essential Zero

This slim silicone case lets you show off that subtle glow on your Cloud Pink or Cloud Blue S20 while keeping it from getting scratched or scuffed. It also adds some much-needed grip so you don't drop your new flagship.

$8 at Amazon

Colorful and durable: Spidercase Protective

This multi-part clear case keeps your S20 in place with a polycarbonate front frame that meshes into the colored TPU bumper. The color choices here a top-notch, especially the purple and blue.

From $15 at Amazon
UAG Plasma Series

Ready for the road: UAG Plasma Series

This translucent case lets the Samsung branding show through while adding some flair with the honeycomb texturing. You can get the Plasma in Icy white or a gray Ash.

$40 at Amazon
Caseology Skyfall Rose Gold

Shiny bumpers: Caseology Skyfall Flex

This hybrid case combines a grippy TPU clear case with the shiny stability of a plastic accent frame around the bumper. The rose gold is a nice match for Cloud Pink, but the purple and blue options add a nice contrast.

Temdan Premium Clear Blue

Rose tints my world: Temdan Premium Clear

A matte acrylic back and a glossy silicone bumper combine to give you a colored clear case with a distinct look without getting too crazy. You can get this case in pink, purple, blue, and regular clear.

$10 at Amazon
Schnail Saviour Series

Beefy bumper: Schnail Saviour Series

This clear case is tested to survive up to 12-foot drops, and the clear back is ringed by metallic accents in one of three colors: black, red, or my personal favorite, Iridescent.

$25 at Amazon

Clear cases are more durable than ever

Once upon a time, you had to choose between durability or showcasing your phone's natural beauty, but that's not the case at all anymore. There are so many great Galaxy S20 cases for all types of people, and that includes those who want to show off their phone and protect it.

Rugged clear cases like the Ringke Fusion X and the Tech21 Evo Check are more plentiful than ever, and I especially appreciate the robust drop protection and the anti-microbial BioShield on the Evo Check. In fact, the Evo Check is the S20 case I've worn the most since I got my Galaxy S20 back in late March. It's grippy, it's comfy, and the soft blue is perfect for the Cloud Blue S20.

If you prefer your clear cases thin and almost invisible, there's practically no beating the Spigen Liquid Crystal. It's got a good grip, it doesn't add bulk and it doesn't get in the way of the distinct Samsung look. It's also hard to beat that price since the Liquid Crystal costs less than a large pizza.

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