Samsung Galaxy S7 edge clear case

Purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge may have you already looking at your bank account with tears in your eyes. If that's the case the most important protection for your phone may be the cheapest.

We live in a world where cases can get expensive pretty quick — especially when they've got the word "Galaxy" involved. But you might be surprised what you can find for just $10, and we've rounded up some of the best for you here.


EasyAcc's clear case is nothing special to look at. It's made out of TPU, which has plenty of give but retains its shape. If you are partial to that super grippy feel of rubber this would the case for you.

This case is transparent, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your phone in its natural state. The edges around the front of the phone are slightly raised to help prevent damage to the screen when it's laying down on a flat surface.

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TPU will absorb light super easily which can cause color discoloration, this is know as "yellowing." The color of this case will likely morph more and more yellow over time, especially if it's in the sun a lot.

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ArtMine window view wallet case

This case is pretty much the cheapest option out there, coming in at typically under $2.

It's a wallet case which means it has one card slot so you can always have your bank card or some cash at the ready, and the front cover flips over the screen of the phone to offer some additional protection. However, It has a big square hole in the front so it's definitely not the most protective case, but it is a good way to always be able to see the time.

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Spigen Exact-Fit

This simple, hard polycarbonate shell easily fits around the Galaxy S7 edge and will protect the phone from minor scratches to to back and sides. A little bit of a lip above the screen will protect the phone when it's laying down flat.

The edges of the Galaxy S7 edge are a little more exposed than you may like, especially at the bottom of the phone around the headphone jack and charging port. So it probably wouldn't be wise to use this case if you bump your phone against a lot of things.

All-in-all Spigen's Exact-Fit case is a basic case that will offer you a small amount of protection.

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Abacus wallet case

Yet another wallet case in our roundup of cheap cases, but this one packs a little more of a punch in terms of features.

Card slots on the front, inside of the flip cover offer you the ability to carry your important bank cards or cash around with ease and it even have a clear card slot that is perfect for your photo ID. It's made out of synthetic leather but, it does give the phone a nice unified look, so if you like that simple style this case has that in spades.

You can also use the case as a kickstand, so you can watch all those funny YouTube videos of people jumping into pools of jello, or you know, whatever the kids watch these days.

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CoverON Atomic series

CoverON's Atomic series is a rugged, heavy duty case that is typically around $10. So if you are looking for something that can take a little bit of a beating and won't put you in the red, this could be the case for you.

The textured back on this silicone and polycarbonate case feels great in your hand and gives the phone a lot of grip. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible and all the edge features you get with the Galaxy S7 edge work as normal.

This rugged case also has a kickstand built-in to the case which is great for hands free operation; however, it is a little flimsy so if you aren't careful with it, it may fall off.

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Money not an issue?

If you haven't found that perfect case in this line up and money isn't really an issue for you checkout the best cases we found for the Galaxy S7 edge.

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