Best cheap cases for Galaxy S7

Now, it's no secret that buying a really cheap case probably won't offer you the best degree of protection or the nicest look, but not all cases need to break the bank. So, for all you dollar-wise budget beaters, we've rounded up some of the cheapest cases we could find that still have something to offer.


EasyAcc's clear case is as simple as you can get and, while it's nothing special to look at, this case is made out of TPU, which is extremely flexible and feels super grippy.

This case is not only completely transparent, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of your Galaxy S7, but also totally seamless. The edges of EasyAcc's case are slightly raised to help prevent damage to the screen if you drop your phone on a flat surface.

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Just beware of stretching and yellowing of the plastic. The TPU will absorb light super easily, which is what causes the discoloration.

This case is super cheap, starting around $2.60.

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Tekcoo Tbaron series

The Tbaron series from Tekcoo is surprisingly rugged for only starting around $7.99. It's a two-layer system that consists of a silicone skin that your phone sits in and a back plastic cover that clips on over the silicone shell. Even with both layers, all the buttons and ports of the Galaxy S7 are easy to access.

The case looks and feels very similar to Otterbox's Commuter series except with one major difference: that hard plastic back cover feels pretty slippery, which means it will be great for sliding in and out of your pocket. However, slipping out of your hands could happen, so tread carefully with this one.

Coming in a wide variety of vibrant and bright colors is an added bonus of the Tekcoo Tbaron series. If you're looking for a cheap case that adds some bulk and some flash to your S7, this could be the case for you.

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Spigen Exact-Fit

It's a simple and unassuming-looking hard polycarbonate shell that easily fits around the Galaxy S7 and will protect your phone from minor scratches to its back and sides. It does have a bit of a lip above the screen; however, it's not quite enough for us to say laying it down screen-first is 100 percent worry-free.The case does get a little thicker around the camera at the back to protect the lens from getting scratched. Even so, it still manages to feel pretty light.

The sides of the Galaxy S7 are a little more exposed that some of your average cases, especially around the headphone jack and charging port located at the bottom of the phone. So it probably would be wise to use this case if you expect to be bumping the sides of your phone on objects.

All-in-all if you are looking for a pretty simple case that is also highly functional and only around $9.99, look no further than Spigen's Exact-Fit.

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Cimo heavy duty shock absorbing hybrid

Who says cheap can't mean fun? Cimo's heavy-duty shock-absorbent hybrid case is great for anyone looking to make a statement, especially if that statement is "I like pink!" And, although this case may cause your eyes to catch fire with it's brightness, it actually has some decent features.

It's a one-piece case that is both a mix of hard polycarbonate and silicone that adds a little bit of bulk, making you feel like the phone is safe in your hand. The back of the phone has a pleasant texture that isn't slippery at all, and it's thick enough around the camera to protect the lens from scratches.

Of course, the funky colors and embedded rhinestones aren't really going to make this case for everyone. However, we should mention that it does also come in non-eye-assaulting colors such as black, so for the low price of around $7.98, it's worth checking out.

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ArtMine window view wallet case

This wallet case has one card slot so you can always have your bank account at the ready, and the flip cover will protect most of your phone screen. It does have a big square hole in the front cover, which is a good way to always be able to see the time whenever you want. This case is also very thin and won't make your Galaxy S7 seem bulky at all which is kind of rare for a wallet case.

Now, this case is probably best for people who are looking for a wallet case that won't break the break. After all, it starts around $8.90 which is pretty good for a case that has some screen protection built-in.

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What do you use?

Have you found a super-cheap case that you think should be added to our list? Sound off in the comments below and let us know why you think it's the best!

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