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Keeping track of a busy schedule full of social events, appointments, and work deadlines can seem almost impossible. However, if you have a handy calendar app in your pocket, you (likely) won't accidentally overbook yourself or miss your niece's recital.

Some of the best calendar apps for Android are simply companion apps that integrate with and improve the most popular apps. Others offer better, more specialized features than the big-name players offer. There are even a few calendar apps that integrate and work well with the best to-do apps that you may already be using. Whatever you need, these are our favorites.

Keeping track of your schedule is easier than ever

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While there are way too many calendar apps available on the Play Store, our favorite calendar app is likely already on your phone. Google Calendar is free to use, ties into your Google account, and has a few extra features that can't be matched by the competition.

If you already use Google Calendar as your "back-end" for your calendar needs, you might want a better-looking widget. That's where Calendar Widget by Home Agenda comes in. The widget is completely customizable, and will only show you the events that you want to see when you want to see them.

Those who need a little bit more power or customization from their calendar app will want to check out DigiCal Calendar Agenda. This calendar app has been around for years and continues to receive regular updates with improvements. It syncs with the most popular calendar services, or you can keep your calendar locally from DigiCal.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar on Pixel 3 XL

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Sometimes the stock program is more than enough. Google's own calendar app has been refined over the years and is now both elegant and functional. It's not just for Google stored calendars, either; it's designed to support "all calendars on your phone, including Exchange."

Google's calendar app is more than capable to handle all your scheduling needs while keeping things simple and clean. With the power of Google behind it, this app is smart enough to suggest titles, contacts, and places as you type in your event information. It will also automatically scan your Gmail and add reservations for flights, restaurants, and more if you grant it permission. You can create events or set reminders right out of the notification bar, which is extremely convenient.

If it didn't already come pre-loaded on your phone, you can get it for free. Google Calendar also works with Google Assistant, so you can ask your Assistant to add an item to your calendar and be done with it. Overall, if you've enjoyed using other Google products and apps, you'll be more than happy with everything that Google has included here.

2. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Home Agenda Calendar Widget Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Sometimes you want to access information without having to open an app, which is why widgets are so useful. With Calendar Widget by Home Agenda, you're getting one of the most customizable calendar widgets available on the Play Store.

The app comes from Francisco Franco, which may ring a bell for those who are, or used to be, involved in the rooting community. Just about every facet of Calendar Widget can be customized and fine-tuned to your liking. Once you've created a theme that matches your phone's home screen, you can save it for future imports.

There's no need to worry about it not syncing properly with your calendar service of choice. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda syncs with any of the accounts that you are signed into on your phone of choice.

3. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal App Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

When you open DigiCal, it almost looks like a calendar app that Google designed. The look gives the app that Google feel, and it's a relief to not have a jarring or drastically different design. That makes DigiCal that much easier to use.

DigiCal gives you all the tools you need to keep track of what's on the agenda for the next week, month, year, or beyond. DigiCal even provides notifications for events, or lets you know when you need to leave to make your appointment on time. There are seven different views to pick from, along with six different widgets to throw on your home screen.

Are you a fan of a couple of sports teams, but don't want to manually add the schedules? DigiCal makes it easy to import those schedules from the app, and they'll sync across your devices so you can figure out what time the game is tomorrow. There are various other calendars that can be imported and added to your schedule.

Other great options

With so many calendar apps available, there are plenty that didn't make our top three but still warrant consideration.

Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Some folks prefer widgets on the Home Screen, while others would rather have information shown in their notification shade. With Calendar Notify, people who want the latter will get a brief overview of your upcoming events, and appointments are displayed every time you swipe down to show the notifications.

What makes this even better is that the notification will also appear on your lock screen. Being able to look at your agenda without even unlocking your phone will help to save some time throughout your day. As expected, this is a simple companion app — it ties into and syncs with your calendar service of choice. Calendar

Any.Do Calendar Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central) is already one of the best to-do apps for Android, so when we found a Calendar app from the same company, it was exciting. Calendar takes all of your favorite features from its to-do counterpart but adds more of a focus on your, well, calendar.

All of your tasks will sync seamlessly and will appear on your calendar instead of in another list to look at in another app. It will sync with your Google account, Facebook account, or any other calendar service you use. However, the best part is that Calendar doesn't stop there. You'll also find integrations for other productivity services such as Evernote, Slack, and even Google Assistant.

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Despite the name of this next app, Business Calendar 2 is not just for the office space. Instead, it's one of the best ways to highlight and separate different calendars without manually editing them. The menu bar at the bottom allows you to decide which calendars to show at any given time.

There are six different calendar views to pick from, and Business Calendar 2 syncs with the likes of Google Calendar, Exchange, and more. You can set custom notifications to remind you when events are coming up, or if you just need a reminder on a basic task. From managing your own schedule to getting everyone together for a meeting, Business Calendar 2 sports a beautiful design and all the tools you need.

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar App Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

When you head into the Play Store to find Simple Calendar, the icon itself may look a bit familiar. That's because it comes from the great Simple Mobile Tools team, which has a slew of "simple" apps to download on your Android device. Its calendar app is no different from the rest on this list; it gives you enough customization options to make your calendars yours.

The app is open source, so you won't have to worry about annoying ads or pop-ups. Plus, there is support for all of the popular calendar services, and you can create custom themes across the board for the app and included widgets. You can even quickly share an event from your calendar to social media if you feel so inclined, or just share them with your friends and family.


aCalendar App Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Having the ability to easily add, adjust, and color-code your life is vital for busy people, and that's where aCalendar comes in. This app is nearly overflowing with features, including 48 colors per calendar, Google Calendar management, moon phases, and more.

aCalendar makes keeping track of everything easy. You can add or edit events by tapping or long pressing on the screen, and the color options mean even the busiest itinerary can be organized. aCalendar also includes support for 30 different languages (primarily added by users), which means if you speak a certain dialect you might be able to get support for it through this app.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar App Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Not the first app you might think of when looking for a calendar, but the truth is that Microsoft Outlook on Android is great. It combines your email, including Gmail and calendars, inside one app so you can manage both in one hit.

Microsoft Outlook is a good option if you want to access your email and calendar all in one place, with support for great features. Event icons are just one of the features that the Sunrise team has brought into the fold. Try typing "coffee" or "lunch" the next time you create an event and just see what happens in your agenda view.

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  • I'd wouldn't mind using Google Calendar but i NEED a dark/transparent widget to go with it. DigiCal provides what I want.
  • Try "Your Calendar Widget" on the Play Store. You can modify the transparency, font size etc. You'll have to experiment a bit in the settings to get your desired results - but l like it and use it with Google calendar. Once finished, you can backup your settings.
  • Personally, I prefer the Month widget. It's not a standalone calendar app (it links to Google Calendar), but it's highly interactive, and I can even add events right from the widget. It's been a while since I've actually opened my calendar app.
  • I have been using Pimlical for years and love its ability to fine tune all the views. Some of my favorite features include a monthly view with includes text and icons, a duplicate appointment button, and a list view that includes appt for the next 7 days.
  • Outlook is horrible for scrolling through my calendars, with no magnetism to the current date it is so easy to get lost as you scroll ahead and back. Personally I like the combination of Google Calendar with Event Flow Widget on my Android devices. This coupled with GsyncIt on my workstation at work allows me quick access to my calendars and sharing of calendars amongst the family.
  • To return to the current date just touch the calendar icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Has anyone tried Month? It's awesome.
  • For general functionality, I use Google Calendar. For widget I use DigiCal+ because I absolutely love their widget over any others.  
  • If you use MS Exchange or Office 365, I highly recommend Nine Folders both for email and Calendar. It's calendar for example has the Outlook feature that allows you to check schedule availability of other attendees. But in terms of functionality it's much richer and more stable than Outlook for Android.
  • Just saw this and absolutely agree. It passes our IT requirements as well and is simply awesome. Between customizing which folders can send updates (I have some folders set to sync and stay up to date but not notify me because they're chatty), total theme control, great calendar widget that can show flagged emails as to-dos, and they ability to have rich text signatures, it does it all and does it well.
  • ACalender is the best. Very clean.
  • When I came over to Android a year ago, I was excited to get back to my old standard: Pocket Informant, which I loved on Windows Mobile - way back in the day. But, Pocket informant is tough. It depends on a third party to sync Outlook and Exchange calendars. The controls are very, very granular so you can get absolutely any look you want...if you have the time to figure out how...AND, PI will sync dated Evernote tasks to its widget. After Pocket Informant, I moved to Cloud Cal because it too will sync Evernote and Wunderlist to its widget. Problem was, that sync with PI and Cloud Cal counted against my devices limit with my Exchange provider. Not wanting to add another $10 a month to my cost structure and really disliking Google's garish, white Material Design idiom, I am now using Outlook in the background and the very attractive Microsoft Calendar feed to manage and keep track of my tasks and appointments.
  • I've used ACalendar+ for several years.
  • I just wish sunrise was still available and wasn't purchased by microsoft to be shut down. I really liked its UI and design RIP Sunrise...
  • Business Calendar been using it for years. Clean, multiple themes, gets the job done.
  • Im using DigiCal Calendar and love it, use it mainly because of the widgets and customazation options
  • Best business calendar out there is Nine. It even uses oauth 2.0 if you have a 365 account. Very powerful email client as well.
  • CalenGoo. Very customizable and simply works flawlessly.
  • BlackBerry Calendar is the easiest and cleanest to use.
  • I'm more happy using Business Calender.
    It's beating Google calendar in any aspect, besides the functionality, adding files to events - but the developer is working on adding this too, as we speak.
  • I use Calengoo. Yes, it has been around forever (still gets regular updates though) and the UI is a bit dated looking but Calengoo gives me something that no other Calendar app does and most Calendar app developers simply do not understand. I am talking about how it implements tasks. First of all, for all of those calendar apps that ignore tasks altogether and insist that there are plenty of 3rd party task apps in the Play Store, I want to see all of my events and tasks in a month view widget on one of my launchers home screens. I want the events and the tasks to be color coded so that a glance at the widget not only tells me what I have coming up later in the day or week but will also give me a quick idea of where best to schedule another upcoming event or task. I don't understand why developers can't seem to understand why it is important to see both your events and tasks laid out together in a monthly view. Their inability to comprehend that is beyond my comprehension. Secondly, implementing your own implementation of tasks that is only supported by your Android based app is not doing anyone any favors. I don't care if it can schedule reoccurring tasks and even if it can make the tasks float beyond a scheduled due date. If the only way I can take advantage of this is through your third party Android based calendar app and there is no way I can show those tasks on my Windows based calendar, forget it....your implementation of tasks is useless to me. This seems to be another thing that Android based calendar developers just do not understand. Third, implementing Googles implementation of tasks into your third party calendar app is a start but leaving your implementation of of tasks as featureless as Googles implementation of tasks is a waste of both yours and my time. I wouldn't be desperately looking for a better implementation of tasks if Google had bothered to to implement some useful features such as reoccurring scheduling and the ability for a task to float beyond its scheduled due date. Why oh why does Google and most third party developers feel that the ability to create a task that reoccurs (such as a monthly payment that cannot be scheduled automatically through your banking app) isn't something that people need? And how many times have you had a notification for a task that was not a big priority go off and there was no possible way you were going to have the time to do that task in the next few days? Happens to me at least once or twice a month. I don't want to keep snoozing those notifications (something many calendar apps don't allow as it is) over the next few days. I just want to ignore the notification and allow the task to float to the next day and/or the next day etc.... until I complete the task. See the task move to the next day within the calendar app and it's widgets is a reminder that I still need to complete that task. Bonus if when the task floats beyond its due date to the next day, its background color will change to a color that I have defined within the app for tasks that are overdue (red is my color of choice). Since Google can't seem to wrap its head around how these things are important when it comes to tasks, third party developers have seen fit to treat these features the same way. Now here comes the shock....Calengoo can do all of that. Calengoo has its own implementation of tasks but it will also integrate Google tasks into its app and will allow Google tasks to be scheduled as reoccurring tasks plus it will allow Google tasks to float. Because just about every Calendar related piece of software that runs on Windows will integrate with Google tasks, you can see those tasks on your windows PC calendar software of choice (I use Vueminder) and you will even see the tasks float beyond their scheduled date. If that was not enough, Calengoo will even allow you to make an event a complete-able event (one that must be closed within the app) and you can even make those complete-able events floating events. There is no other Android based Calendar app (with the exception of Pimlical Advanced Calendar) that can deal with these task requirements. Requirements that I don't feel are asking too much of a calendar app. How this article can claim that it is listing the best calendar apps for Android when none of them address some very basic calendar needs that both Calengoo and Pimlical address is a mystery. some of the calendar apps listed in this article don't even offer rudimentary implementation of tasks within their app. The developers of Digical have been telling me for 3 years now that they are going to implement tasks and it is coming soon. I guess soon means sometime after the next 3 years. I think Android Central should give a little more thought to what makes a good calendar app and then call out all of those developers who's apps are seriously lacking in features and/or integration that would truly make a Android based calendar app an indispensable tool.
  • I use the MI Calendar under Miui. It works with Google calendar and has a lot of nice features.
  • I use Onecalendar which allows me to pull calendars from Google and Microsoft accounts easily and sync them. Simple set up.
  • My wife and I use TimeTree for a shared calender.
  • Google Calendar needs a week view like aCalendar's. Ditto any others that have slivers of events jammed into odd grids like Google's.
  • I mainly use the Samsung stock calendar app. But one I also recommend is the Family Wall app, and its calendar. It's great for multiple users to plan out events and such. I use it to schedule things and co-parent with my ex. My GF, my ex, her husband, and my mom are all on a group within the app. Anything we add automatically gets added to the others calendars, and you can see who changed or created it. It integrates with my stock calendar app, so I can use my Samsung full page home screen widget to view any events on the Family Wall calendar. All this, and it's free. There are premium features, but I haven't had a need for any of them yet.