Best Calendar Apps

With a busy, awesome life full of parties, appointments, and work deadlines, keeping track of everything on your schedule can seem almost impossible. Unless of course, you've got a handy calendar app in your pocket to help ensure you don't accidentally overbook yourself or miss your niece's recital. With that in mind, we've put together our favorite calendar apps for android.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google's own calendar app has been refined over the years to a point where it's both elegant and functional. And it's not just for Google stored calendars, either, with support for "all calendars on your phone, including Exchange."

Some of the nifty features on hand include a schedule view with photos and maps of places you'll be heading to, smart suggestions on places, people and the ability to create calendar events based on reservations for things like flights and restaurants that appear in your Gmail inbox.

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Sometimes stock is more than enough. Google's calendar app is more than capable to handle all your scheduling needs while keeping things simple and clean. With the power of Google behind it, this app is smart enough to suggest titles, contacts, and places as you type in your event information. It will also automatically scan your Gmail and add reservations for flights, restaurants and more if you allow permission for it. Essentially, if you've enjoyed using other Google products and apps, you'll be more than happy with everything that Google has included here.

If it didn't already come pre-loaded on your phone, you can get it for free. Additionally, Google Calendar also works with Google Assistant. So you can ask your Assistant to add an item to your calendar and be done with it! With the latest update, you can now drag and drop events within your calendar as well, making it easy to reschedule an event without taking too much time to do it.

Download: Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Not the first app you might think of when looking for a calendar, but the truth is that Microsoft Outlook on Android is really good. It combines your email, including Gmail, and calendars, including Google, inside one app so you can manage both in one hit.

Microsoft Outlook is a good option if you want to access your email and calendar all in one place, with access to great features. Event icons are just one of the features that the Sunrise team has brought into the fold. Try typing "coffee" or "lunch" the next time you create an event and just see what happens in your agenda view. Outlook gets regular patches to streamline the user process, and recently they added functionality for 10 new languages including Uzbek and Bosnian Latin.

Download: Microsoft Outlook (free)

DigiCal Calendar

Being able to personalize not just the content of your calendar, but also the way it looks and acts is a perk that just about everyone would like to take advantage of. That's also exactly what DigiCal does. You can switch between nine different themes, color code events, and even view multiple agendas all at once.

There are six different widgets you can use to keep an eye on your calendar from your home screen, and you also get access to the weather profile so that you can plan your day accordingly. If you like to color code things in order to keep better track, there are 42 different colors available for you to use.

Download: DigiCal Calendar (free)


Having the ability to easy add, adjust, and color code everything going on in your busy life is key for some people, and that's where aCalendar comes in. This app is nearly overflowing with features including 48 colors per calendar, Google Calendar management, moon phases, and more.

While the basic version of aCalendar is absolutely free, you can opt for something a bit stronger by upgrading to aCalendar+. It'll net you features like having school holidays appear on your calendar, unlocking business features, removes all ads from the app, and even donates 10% of the purchase to rainforest conservation.

aCalendar makes keeping track of everything going on easy, which is always a good sign. You can add or edit events by tapping, or long pressing on the screen and tons of colors means that even the busiest itinerary can be kept on top of. aCalendar also includes support for 30 different languages which are primarily added by users, which means if you speak a certain dialect you might be able to get support for it through this app.

Download: aCalendar (Free with in-app purchases)

How do you keep track?

Having a calendar app in your pocket can let you keep track of everything going on in your life, as well as making it easy to schedule new events without racking your brain trying to remember what you've forgotten. While there are plenty of awesome calendar apps out there, these are definitely our favorites. Do you have an excellent app that should have made our list? Did we name your favorite? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments below!

December 2017: We've added aCalendar and DigiCal Calendar to our list to ensure you always know the best calendar apps on Android!