Best Buy tablet

Best Buy may be making its own Android tablet soon. Robert Stephens, CTO of the giant retailer, tweeted an image of a tablet on Friday that sported Best Buy's 'Rocketfish' branding. 

Next, Ben Hedrington, a web strategist for the company, tweeted his own "hidden" message: 

"Hint looking for a little green robot on that Best Buy tablet screen..."

Now if that doesn't give away the operating system of the tablet, I'm not sure what will. Best Buy is set to launch Best Buy Connect, a 4G data service soon, so a tablet should not be too surprising. 

Great to hear more news about Android tablets and you know one from Best Buy is going to receive a huge marketing push. Hopefully it won't prevent them from selling other tablets, like the rumored Samsung and Motorola devices. [Androinica via CrunchGear]