Best Bezel Covers & Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Watch Android Central 2022

If you're still rocking the original Samsung Galaxy Watch or you're thinking of buying one soon, you'll want to make sure it's protected while still looking stylish. The rotating bezel is one of the best features on this watch, so you should keep it in great condition. We've rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel covers and protectors for both the 46mm and 42mm models.

Ringke Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Cover

Precise fit: Ringke Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring Adhesive Cover

Staff Pick

If you're looking to improve the look of your Galaxy Watch while also protecting the bezel, this product from Ringke is an ideal option. It offers a precise fit, so you'll enjoy a seamless connection between the rotating bezel and the adhesive cover. There are numerous high-quality selections available that come in different styles and colors.

Jzk Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Cover Case

Two for one: JZK Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring Styling + Protector Case

If you want to protect every inch of your Samsung Galaxy Watch, you'll love this 2-for-1 product from JZK. Not only do you get a stunning bezel ring that enhances the aesthetic of your watch, but you also get a durable protector case to protect it from damage. Choose the color that best matches your style. The options are black, silver, gold, and rose gold.

Ldfas Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring

Simply classic: LDFAS Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring

If you're looking for a classic yet simple Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel cover, look no further than this option from LDFAS. This bezel isn't too flashy, but it's far from boring. It gets the job done without it being obvious that your watch has a bezel cover on it. Not to mention that you'll be able to pick from three classic colors, including silver, rose gold, or black.

Baihui Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring

A unique approach: BaiHui Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring Protection Cover

Perhaps you want to protect your bezel while also making your watch pop a bit more. If that's the case, you'll love this Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel ring protection cover from BaiHui! The high-quality plated matte bezel for the 46mm Galaxy Watch is available in 7 unique patterns and 3 colors, while the 42mm bezel only comes in black.

Haojavo Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Cover

Superior durability: Haojavo Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring

If you're looking for a stainless steel bezel to improve your smartwatch's appearance further, consider the Haojavo Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel ring. The high-quality material is lightweight and thin while still offering superior durability. Your watch will look stylish on your wrist while also having protection from unwanted scratches on the bezel.

Pinhen Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Cover

Stunning craftsmanship: PINHEN Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring Protector

Another option that may catch your eye is the PINHEN Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel ring protector. It's made with excellent craftsmanship and features titanium metal for a polished look. You'll have a seamless fit with the 3M adhesive tape that's strong but won't cause peeling or damage to the bezel. This product comes in blue, black, silver, and rose.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel covers & protectors: Endless options

Despite being an older option, the Samsung Galaxy Watch may still be one of the best Android smartwatches you can buy. It's loaded with features while still being a stylish choice for those who care about tech and fashion.

Whether you're wearing the smaller 42mm model or the larger 46mm, there are many Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel covers and protectors to choose from. Our personal favorite comes from Ringke, which offers a precise fit that fits perfectly on your rotating watch bezel. Most importantly, it's available in numerous styles and colors, so it's easy to find a match for your needs.

If you think you'd benefit from a bezel cover for your smartwatch, but you don't want anything too flashy, you'll appreciate the simple but classic option from LDFAS. Some people want adequate protection without adding a piece of bling to their device. This is a wonderful option that will not draw too much attention but will still protect your bezel.

A Samsung Galaxy Watch bezel cover and protector is just one of many accessories you can buy for your wearable. Whether you want to change up your look or add protection, there's plenty more where that came from. You can also check out the best Samsung Galaxy Watch bands (42mm), best Samsung Galaxy Watch bands (46mm), and best Samsung Galaxy watch screen protectors.

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