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The Galaxy Watch is a great smartwatch, and it deserves one of the best Samsung Galaxy watch bands. Not only to keep it secured to your wrist but also to help customize it to you. The watch allows you to choose from several watch faces to get the right look for the screen, but you can easily replaceable the strap using a standard 22mm watch band for the 46mm Galaxy Watch to make it even more you.

Meshes with everyone: Fullmosa stainless steel watch band

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Sometimes the feel of metal can be calming, being more stable than other material. If you need a band that you know is safe for you to use, then stainless steel is the ticket. This adjustable mesh-style band is super comfortable and looks great too.

$13 at Amazon

Totally metal: V-MORO 22mm Stainless Steel Strap

This strap from V-MORO is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and it can go on in an instant with the built-in clasp. It's available in black or silver to better match your watch, and it can be installed with the quick-release pins.

$14 at Amazon

Wooden wonder: LDFAS 22mm Wood Band

This band will help you stand out from the crowd, with the red sandalwood between each link. You can get this band in either black or silver steel, and both look great with the redwood. There's a clasp to get the band on and off your wrist, and quick release pins to join the band and watch.

$24 at Amazon

Super stretchy: Speidel Stainless Steel Watch Band

These stretch watch bands are my favorite because they're super easy to slip on and off, and they're the perfect fit. You'll likely need a jeweler's help to get that perfect fit, but it's worth it. This one from Speidel comes in either a straight end for easier installation or with a curved end to better match the contours of your watch.

$15 at Amazon

Timeless leather: Ditou leather watch band

Leather has long been used for watch bands and for good reason. Leather naturally customizes to the wearer as it gets worn, creating the perfect fit. It also enhances the look of the timepiece and fits in with nearly any situation.

$16 at Amazon

A bit less expensive: Fullmosa Genuine Leather Watch Band

If you prefer a thinner leather watch strap — or just want to save a few dollars — this band from Fullmosa is a great option. You can choose from 10 different bands and buckle color combinations to best match your style, and there's an included installation tool to get the band on your watch. The buckle is heavy metal, so it'll be nice and sturdy on your wrist.

$14 at Amazon

Get cuffed out: Coobes leather cuff

This impressive, wide cuff-style band comes in four colors and has a wide section right under your Galaxy Watch itself so that you won't feel the cold metal against your skin — just soft, supple leather.

$20 at Amazon

For the fitness gurus: Epoosuo Silicon Replacement Strap

The Galaxy Watch comes with a silicone band so it can be used when you work out, but this band is going to be a little better. There are more perforations on the band, so your wrist will breathe a bit easier. More perforations also mean a more exact fit, definitely important if you're monitoring your heart rate.

$8 at Amazon

Buckle up: Ritche NATO nylon watch band

The Ritche NATO style watch band is another super durable watch band. This one is made from ballistic nylon and has a bit of tactical style while still being comfortable.

$11 at Amazon

Mix and match: STYLEOVER NATO Watch Band

If you want to swap out different bands to change up your style, this set from CIVO is for you. You get four different colored straps in the pack to best first your style. The kit includes an installation tool and a few replacement pins to keep the bands attached to your watch.

$14 at Amazon

Sporty style: Barton Elite silicone band

Barton Elite's bands come in 16 color styles, many of them two-tone, and made from a firm but flexible silicone. Each band comes with two lengths of the long side of the strap with holes, which allows you to find the perfect fit for your wrist.

$20 at Amazon

Classic canvas: Beafiry canvas quick release

A good canvas watch band is tough to beat. Beafiry makes a solid, durable band that complements your watch while being super comfortable. The material is rugged and durable, while still being comfortable to wear.

$15 at Amazon

Accessorize your favorite wrist accessory

No matter what your style is, it's easy to find a replacement band for your Galaxy Watch. The watch takes standard 22mm straps, so any band that size will also fit your watch. And since watchmakers have used that size for centuries, it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect watch band for you.

A watch band that can mesh with a variety of looks while staying comfortable is key, and the Fullmosa stainless steel mesh band does just that. You get a high-quality band with so many clasp points that you're sure to get the perfect fit.

It's also hard to go wrong with a good ol' leather band. Whether you prefer more of a classic look with something like the Ditou leather band or to stand out a bit more with a cuff-style band from Coobes. Either way, you'll have a strap that will last a long time. I like to keep a perforated silicone band in my rotation for workouts, and the band from Epoosuo is my go-to with its comfort and durability.

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