Best Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm in 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung has been making some of the best Android smartwatches for a while, and the 42mm Galaxy Watch is an excellent companion for your Android smartphone, so of course, you want to personalize it with the best Samsung Galaxy Watch replacement band. You can choose your watch face and swap the watch band out for any 20mm strap. There are a ton of great-looking options at very affordable prices. While this watch is getting up there in age and has been replaced with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it's still are a great watch. Here are the best replacement bands for the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch!

Give your Galaxy Watch new life with a fresh band

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a beautiful wrist accessory, but the stock strap that comes with it can get gross after extended use. Whether you're looking for something classier to better accessorize your watch or want a more casual band or something specifically for working out, there's a ton of options out there thanks to Samsung following the 20mm standard with easily swappable pins.

Everyone has their preferences, of course, but my personal all-around favorite is the Beafiry canvas band because it feels like your favorite broken-in pair of jeans — super comfortable and very versatile. I also recommend the Barton bands to choose from a good variety of high-quality leather strap styles. Since the Galaxy Watch has so many uses, it's a good idea to keep around a silicone band for those times you plan to get in a good sweat. For that, I lean toward the Lwsengme silicone band. You get a good-looking and comfortable band that can stand up to the most rigorous of workouts.

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