Best Apps for Checking Your Phone's Specs Android Central 2021

With so many different smartphones offering different specs, it can be tough to keep track of everything. Plus, you may need to know how much storage you have left, or how fast your cellular connection is. With these apps, not only can you find out just how much RAM you have, but you can do so much more.

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Our favorite: Inware

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With Inware, you can take a look at all of your phones' hardware specs, and it's done in a clean and modern way. You can even find your current uptime, which security patch you have installed, and much more. Plus, the app allows you to customize and change the theme to match whatever style you want.

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Compare specs: Device Info HW

Sometimes you need an app that can do everything, and that's what you'll get from Device Info HW. In addition to viewing detailed information, the app also makes it so you can run an LCD test on your display (if your device is compatible). Plus, you can easily compare your smartphone to others to see how it stacks up.

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Not just benchmarks: Geekbench 5

Geekbench is the de-facto choice for many when it comes to running benchmarks on their phones. However, you can also find out some different bits of information about the what is powering your smartphone with the app.

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Everything and anything: My Device - Device info

My Device - Device Info is a great app to check your specs, as you get access to view the most common specifications. However, this app also dives deeper and shows you which sensors are installed on your device. Battery warriors can view in-depth information about the temperature, voltage, and more.

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Kitchen sink: Phone Information

In addition to viewing all of your phone's specs at a glance, Phone Information even shows you the temperature that your smartphone is running at. If there's a specific category that is missing and you want to see, you can contact the developers to try and get it added.

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Monitor in real-time: DevCheck Hardware and System Info

Not only does DevCheck give you a beautiful dashboard to use to view everything at a glance, but it does much more. You can view how much RAM or CPU is being used at that very moment right from the app. Plus, you'll get real-time network connection results so you can determine of something is going on with that slow download.

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From PC to your phone: CPU-Z

CPU-Z started as a way for PC users to monitor they're different processes before making its way to the Play Store. Now you can do the same thing from the computer in your pocket, instead of the computer at home.

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Simplistic overview: SYSTEM INFORMATION

SYSTEM INFORMATION doesn't rely on a flashy design to present the specs that you're trying to find. There's a built-in Dark Mode to switch themes, and that's about it. This is still a great app if you want to view your specs, while seeing all of the apps installed on your smartphone.

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Material Design: Sys-I (Android System Info)

Sys-I takes Material Design and the different cards to the next level in showing off your phone's specs. This app makes it simple to figure out whether your Pixel is from Google or the Verizon variant. And you'll get detailed information, including your IP or MAC address.

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Check your specs

There are a lot of apps for trying to view the specs of your smartphone, but some give you different options. Some are simpler, while others are more complex, so download and try out some of these free apps to see which one works best for you needs. However, Inware does it better than the rest. The app looks clean, offers customizable themes, and gives you all the information you could want to know about your smartphone or tablet.

Those wanting a little bit more out of an app that shows specs, will want to check out Device Info HW. In addition to being able to view everything going on with your smartphone or tablet, the app makes it easy to compare it to other devices. This lets you know how your smartphone stacks up with others easier than ever.

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