Best apps for advanced math

Why Mathway is the Best

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Not everyone can look at math and pick it up without a problem. For some people —myself included— math can seem daunting and confusing. Trying to schedule time with a tutor can be difficult when you are working and going to school, and many teachers and professors don't have the time to devote to helping a student succeed. Mathway is able to fill in those gaps for you.

Whether you're taking a remedial algebra class or you're diving into trigonometry, the app can make sure you find the solution to your problems. With PRO, you're even able to see every step of a problem while working towards a solution. If the free version is more suited to your budget, you still get plenty of help.

Mathway will solve your problem automatically. It will also tell you the rule for solving a specific problem. While it isn't quite as awesome as getting every step along the way, it does help you to figure your way through complicated problems.


There are plenty of excellent advanced math apps that are floating around the internet. What we've collected are the best apps to make sure that you are successful at what you do in math class. From graphing calculators to practising advanced concepts to having the ability to practise varying math concepts, these apps will help to make sure you grasp even the advanced stuff.

While there are other apps that can get the job done, none of them do it quite as well as the apps we've listed here. Out of all of them, Mathway does the best job of delivering everything that you need in order to become a serious math whiz and ace your next test.

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  • For a financial calculator, Andro 12C is the best HP-12C financial calculator emulator around. Been using it for years and it has for the most part replaced my trusty physical HP-12C for daily use. The 12C is one of the most widely used financial calculators ever. Heck, it's been around since 1981. 1981! And it hasn't changed. It still sells for $60 today, that's how awesome this device is. Anyone who has any need for a financial calculator should definitely pick up this app.
  • Mathway is the best. I use it quite a bit. Not really for the novice though as you need to at least know what you are trying to solve.
  • The math geek in me likes this article. I love how my phone can do what I used to use a $300 calculator for.
  • Do you know if the MathWay subscription can be on the family plan or is it per device/person? I have a couple of my family that could benefit from this and don't really want to shell out 2 subscriptions.
  • I don't know. .
    If this was written by someone who could count with all their fingers and toes, we could have been finally left with an even better app which stood alone in getting every multiplication and subtraction answer correct. This needs more work.
  • I meant more than 3 fingers or apps, lol. Back to joke school. It still doesn't make much sense.