Best Android Auto apps 2023

Driving with your phone in hand is dangerous, which is why platforms like Android Auto are designed to be safe and accessible. The key is to know which apps work with it in order to keep ears open and eyes on the road. The overall number continues to grow but these are the best apps to help you enjoy every ride in the driver's seat.

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Android Auto has expanded a lot in the last few years with more apps supporting the platform. Not to mention dongles and adapters to help you go wireless with it. Google Maps stands out for how useful it is to use, no matter where you're driving. Waze is great, too, giving you some excellent redundancy when it comes to mapping. The same goes for music, where the options are so varied, the whole collection above could be made up of music apps. Spotify is great for both its library and excellent integration with Google Assistant. Do a search for Android Auto music apps, be it streaming or playing local files, and you will see several to browse through.

The same goes for messaging, podcasts and radio — the things you would want to do most in the car. No matter what collection of apps you go with, the odds are good you'll find something that works for you.

Ted Kritsonis
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