Best Android Apps for High School Students Android Central 2020

Summer is almost over and it's time to gear up for school. If you ask your teen they may list Pokemon Go, SnapChat, and Spotify as their most needed apps, but we chatted with a few teachers, administrators, and parents of high schoolers to get an idea for some apps that might be helpful this school year.

Student Planner: myHomework

Staff favorite

myHomework keeps track of classes, grades, homework assignments, and their dues dates to help students stay on task. There's also a place to save files, like handouts or photos taken off the whiteboard, to reference later. myHomework Student Planner connects to teacher and school accounts to get assignments, updates, class reminders and announcements quickly.

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Note taking: Squid

This app keeps class notes and digital handouts organized so they're easy to find and reference later. It highlights search terms, even in PDFs. Squid works with pen-enabled phones and tablets to recognize handwritten notes and converts them to PDFs. Students can even use this app to write entire documents and send them directly to teachers.

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Flashcards & Quizzes: Kahoot!

Kahoot! has millions of premade flashcards, quizzes, and learning games covering many different subjects. However, if your student has specific terms or questions they need to study, this app lets you create and save your own flashcards, quizzes and games, complete with audio and images.

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Docs, sheets & email: Google Drive

We recommend students have access to a Google Drive account to make it easier to create, correct, and submit homework, even when it isn't possible to be on a computer. The Google email account lets your student access other accounts, including school-assigned email addresses.

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No distractions: Offtime

Offtime shuts off apps that students don't need to help keep them focused on homework. They won't be as tempted by social media apps and texting friends. You determine if the phone is locked down for a specific block of time or after a list of assignments are complete.

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Scientific calculator: Graphing Calculator

This app is designed to replace the bulky scientific calculators needed for high school algebra classes. It has both scientific and engineering notations and solves problems including complex numbers, logarithms, inverse fractions, derivatives, and graphs.

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Band & orchestra support: Tuning & Metronome

This app has a metronome that keeps perfect time and has a flash beat if your student's phone volume isn't loud enough to hear the traditional metronome. The tuner has two modes, chromatic and pitch fork, which work with most instruments and tools for transposing. This app also records music and has a large library of sheet music.

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Focus and memory: Study Music

Study Music plays songs known to boost memory and concentration. It also has nature sounds and alpha waves to help promote relaxation of both body and mind. This apps is designed to block out distractions to help students stay focused on homework assignments without their minds wandering or sing along to popular songs.

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Our final thoughts

We know that Evernote is a planner and note-taking app that is popular among students and professionals. However, since its latest update in June 2019, it has received a lot of negative feedback with many customers complaining about lag, failure to load, syncing issues, and other bugs. You're still welcome to try it out for yourself, but we've chosen to not highlight it in our roundup until the kinks are worked out.

In the meantime, we highly recommend myHomework Student Planner to help your student keep track of what is due, class schedules and grades. If teachers also have a myHomework account, they can send announcements, reminders and study aids through the app. You're limited to five classes per semester to keep track of with the free account, but with the premium account, you get unlimited classes and semesters.

The premium version of myHomework lets your student attach files to individual classes or assignments. This includes pictures taken with their phone of the whiteboard, graphs or other visual aids use in the classroom, and PDF files, handouts and study aids that can be referenced at home. There is a place for students to type in notes they take in class or taken from textbooks to use later.

Kahoo!t is another great learning tool to help students study for tests or memorize important facts. This app has millions of premade flashcards, learning games and quizzes covering different subjects. But you can also make your own, complete with images and audio. It has timers and allows missed questions to be reviewed before either retaking a quiz or moving on. There is a real-time learning feature that so multiple students can connect and learn together at the same time, making Kahoot! a great tool for study groups, even virtual ones.