So you've got a shiny new Amazon Fire HD tablet. Maybe it's the 7-incher. Or the 8-incher. Or even the 10-inch Fire HD. Either way, congratulations! Someone you know is pretty smart, because while these aren't the most powerful Android-based tablets you can find, they're easily the best value for your money.

Yes, really. A couple reasons for that. One is that Amazon has a really robust ecosystem these days. It's maybe not quite as streamlined as Google's, but once you're set up you've got access to movies, TV shows, apps, music, books — and of course all the online shopping Amazon can throw at you.

And if you've got kids, these are still the only tablets I'd had one.

But you're not done yet. It's time to accessorize. Here are the first accessories I'd look at for your brand-new Fire HD tablet.

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Buy a case

Fire HD caseDo yourself a favor: Just buy a case. Even if you don't think you'll drop your tablet. You will. And cases are more than just protection these days. They're also a handy way to prop up your Fire HD for watching movies or playing games.

(And, yes, they also protect your tablet.)

There are a ton of options out there, whether it's the first-party plastic case from Amazon, or something leather(Esqueda) from a third party seller.

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Buy a microSD card

Microsd cardThe thing about the Fire HD tablets is that there's not a lot of built-in storage space for apps and pictures and movies and games and stuff.

The thing about the Fire HD tablets is that it's also super easy to just pop in an inexpensive microSD card and increase that storage space exponentially. Which one should you get? It really depends on your budget.

Me? I always try to get more than I think I'll need. Because nobody has ever said "Ya know, I just have too much storage space."

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Buy a screen protector

Screen protectorThis one's especially true if you've got kids — a screen protector can mean never having to say you're sorry.

For one, they'll help keep your display free of scratches. But they'll also help keep that display clean of Kid Goo™ — that unexplainable stuff that kids secrete to no end.

Just trust me on this.

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Buy an extra charger

Fire HD chargerThe only thing worse than a dead tablet is ... not knowing where the charger is.

Fire HD tablets all use the older Micro-USB standard. (Seriously, Amazon, it'll be time to switch to USB-C at some point.) The good news is that if you don't have any extra Micro-USB chargers laying around, they're really just a couple bucks. It's worth picking up an extra charger or two.

And maybe snag one for the car while you're at it.

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