One of the big selling points to the Oculus Quest is the lineup of games at launch. Oculus has promised experiences similar to what you can get on the Oculus Rift, bundled up in a self-contained headset that requires no cables or computers and still lets you walk around in the real world to interact with virtual objects. It's a huge accomplishment, one that has people eagerly awaiting a pre-order button.

Oculus teased a big announcement to kick off GDC, and while we didn't get the ability to buy just yet it has been confirmed the smash hit Beat Saber will be coming as a launch title!

The Oculus Quest launch lineup already looked pretty good. While we still don't know all of the 40+ games promised at launch, seeing hugely popular titles like Moss and Superhot! gave everyone a lot of reasons to be excited already. With the explosively popular Beat Saber joining the launch, Oculus has at least one incredible game which encourages you to pass the headset around no matter where you are and watch a huge group of people become part of the party.

We know Oculus isn't done announcing things for its Quest headset this week, but a pre-order timeframe isn't likely to be on the list. But when it happens, you'll be the first to know right here.