Aukey's Black Friday charger deals will ensure you never have a dead Chromebook again

Aukey 90w 3 Port 65w 2 Port Chargers
Aukey 90w 3 Port 65w 2 Port Chargers (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Aukey introduced the Omnia series of USB-C Power Delivery chargers back at CES — god, January feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? — and even since they've been dominating our charger roundups for everything from Chromebooks and phones to high-powered 60W and 100W roundups. This is the first year they've been around for Black Friday and they're basically all on sale right now!

Aukey Omnia chargers come in a wide variety of wattages and port configurations, but they're all top-notch quality without being as pricey as Anker or as bulky as manufacturer chargers. In addition, since these are all Power Delivery chargers, you can use them to charge your phones, tablets, power banks, and other USB-C accessories.

I'm partial to the Aukey Omnia Duo 65W because you get one USB-C port for the laptop and one USB-A port for charging your phone while still being a nicely compact charger, but the Omnia 61W single-port charger for $25.49 is also hard to pass up.

Black Friday Charger Deals

Aukey's going to have even more chargers — as well as wireless chargers, power banks, and headphones — on the actual Black Friday, but why wait when the deals are already so good? And while you're grabbing a new charger, be sure to grab some cables, too! Aukey's 60W USB-C Cable 2-pack is down to $6.29 at checkout with today's coupon, which is even lower than the Black Friday prices Aukey is advertising for later this week. $3.15 a cable for a durable 6.6-ft cable is an impossibly good deal and you should snatch it up right now before it sells out.

Ara Wagoner

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