Nexus 4 and Palm Touchstone

One Nexus 4 question we're getting above all others (except perhaps how loud the speaker is) has to do with wireless charging. Namely, will it work with the Palm Touchstone? 

Facts is facts -- with the demise of Palm, many a user has migrated to Android, and there are tons of the little hockey puck chargers just laying around. (And if you ever got to use one, you know how awesome it was.) Plus, you can pick one up on Amazon for just a couple bucks.

The sad news, though is that the Palm Touchstone does not work with the LG Nexus 4. For one thing, they use different charging mechanisms. The Nexus 4 uses Qi, where the Palm line of phones did not. For another thing, the Touchstone magnetically held the Pre/Pixi phones in place on the the charger -- kind of an important thing since the phones would rest at an angle. The Nexus 4 just slides right off the Touchstone. There's a little bit of a magnetic hold, but not enough to keep the phone in place. That'd be bad.

The good news is that Qi charging systems, which still not exactly mainstream, aren't exactly hard to come by. We last took a look at one back in the HTC ThunderBolt days, so they're certainly available. 

Google says it will offer a Qi-standard wireless charging orb for the Nexus 4, but no pricing or avialability has been announced.

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