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Archos aren't exactly everyone's first choice of Android tablet despite offering good value for money. At an event in Paris today though, the company teased some of their 2012 offerings including their new flagship G10 xs range. 

There are due to be three seperate lines this year. The low end Arnova range, the Archos Elements range that will have Google certification, and their new 'premium' G10 xs range. The Arnova devices will be retailing between 50 and 150. With no Google certification specified though, these will definitely be low end devices. 

The Elements range bear more than a passing resemblance to the current G9 tablets, and will retail at 129 - 199. These will be coming with Google apps on board, and there may well be Ice Cream Sandwich too given the likely launch schedule. 

It's with the new G10 xs though that Archos will be finally trying to make a name for themselves. With prices starting at 200, the G10 xs is an incredible 7.6mm thin -- thinner than the new iPad as was proudly displayed -- and there will be an option that will mate with a keyboard dock.

Otherwise, details are sparse. No actual devices are expected to launch until September, so it's a pretty safe bet that the G10 xs at least will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich. Specs haven't been shown off yet, but it isn't too much to imagine at least one version with a huge amount of on board storage as is usually the case. An incredibly short teaser video can be found after the break

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