Apps of the Week

Ahh yes, the Apps of the Week. We meet here every Saturday afternoon to bring you an app from each of the Android Central writers. But not just any apps, these are the apps that we're using day-to-day and have found useful enough to keep on our devices. We have some tools, games and everything in between on the list today.

Stick around with us after the break and see how we did with our app picks this week.

Sean Brunett - HootSuite


Twitter announced this week that Tweetdeck is being phased out as an Android app. I was a huge Tweetdeck user and still am with their Chrome app, which is fantastic. But the lack of updates once it was acquired by Twitter constantly frustrated me. If you have been loyal to them for a while and are now searching for a new Twitter app, I’d highly recommend HootSuite. It feels a lot like Tweetdeck and is constantly updating, which is good to see. Other than Twitter, Hootsuite supports Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare. When you open the app, you’ll see your main feed. You can jump to the top by pressing Home Feed at the top. If you hit the back arrow in the app, you can visit a different Stream, which can be a specific Twitter List or other social networks. It works very well as a Twitter app, it’s fast and reliable. 

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Download: HootSuite (Free)

Alex Dobie - TVCatchup


When it comes to live UK TV on Android, many of the major broadcasters have their own apps. But jumping between apps doesn't make for a great viewing experience, and so that's where TVCatchup comes in. Like the web-based streaming site, TVCatchup for Android lets you stream all free-to-air UK TV channels. You'll need to be in the UK for it to work, as the app runs an IP check when it starts. But once that's done you're free to choose from a list of channels and jump right into streaming.

TVCatchup for Android is available for free for Android 2.2 and above devices. It'll install from an location, but it's only usable within the UK.

Download: TVCatchup (Free, U.K. Only)

Simon Sage - Solar 2

Solar 2

Ever wish you could steer planets into one another and cause catastrophic mayhem for their inhabitants? How about absorb enough debris until you've gathered enough mass to become an all-consuming, ever-toiling cosmic furnace? Now you can! Solar 2 made its debut on Android this week by way of the latest Humble Bundle, and it's fantastic. It's a free-roaming game where players gradually build a planet by getting asteroids to orbit their planet, gathering mass, supporting spacefaring lifeforms, and compete with other celestial bodies. Players tap and hold in the direction they want to steer, adjusting for gravitational pull - towards the bodies they want to pull in without crashing into them, and away from the larger ones that will pull you in. The game has some excellent light-hearted missions scattered around space, and the graphics, though simple, are polished and smoothly-animated.

Download: Solar 2, Humble Bundle (Donation)

Richard Devine - Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run: Oz

Another new Temple Run title launched this week, and once again sees Imangi Studios partner with Disney to tie in with another new movie release. Following the previous partnership on Brave, this time out it's OZ that gets the endless running treatment. And yes, you do run down the Yellow Brick Road. At least parts of it, anyway.

By now Temple Run games need no introduction at all. You run, and run, and then jump, maybe slide, and in this one even pilot a hot air balloon. The thing I like more about OZ -- and Brave before it -- is the graphics. While Temple Run 2 was an undoubted improvement on the first game, the graphics in OZ are just nicer to look at. Otherwise, it's the same game, doesn't cost a great deal, and is a killer time waster.

Download: Temple Run: Oz ($0.99)

Andrew Martonik - Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

I found myself needing to take down some voice memos yesterday, so I started poking around Google Play for a simple audio recorder. I came upon Easy Voice Recorder, and was frankly surprised that a free voice recorder could be so well designed. It does just what it says, letting you record high quality audio and then play it back. You can also simply share audio to anything in your sharing menu in basic formats, which is handy. Everything is wrapped in a clean holo design with not a single line out of place. Perfect.

The free version handles your basic needs, but there's also a pro version for $3.99 that unlocks a whole bunch of settings tweaks and turns off ads. If you need a simple and nicely designed audio recorder, look no further.

Download: Easy Voice Recorder (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - DivineCuisine Recipes

DivineCuisine Recipes

I like to eat. Since I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful wife who is also a fantabulous cook, I'm not stuck eating the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Count Chocula that I can cook, and we get to try a lot of delicious new meals. That means we're always on the look out for good recipes. When I saw the new DivineCuisine Recipes app in Google Play I had to try it.

I'm really glad I did. It's a well designed application, full of great content, and gets updated with 5 new recipes every week. It's also filled with meals that anyone can cook, that are substantial enough to satisfy the hungriest people you know. If you're into food -- whether eating it or cooking it -- give this free app a look.

Download: DivineCuisine Recipes (Free)

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