Google Pixel phones catch the May 2023 update right on time

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What you need to know

  • Google starts the month quickly with its May 2023 security patch.
  • Bug fixes are light but security vulnerability fixes are plentiful for MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Arm components.
  • A fix has rolled in for the buggy display response time on the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google isn't missing a beat as the company is already starting to roll out the May 2023 security patch for Pixel devices.

As mentioned in its changelog post, Google is rolling out the latest security patch for Pixel devices rocking Android 13 throughout the week. Devices ranging from the Pixel 4a to Pixel 7 Pro will receive the May 2023 security patch starting Monday and over the next week. Google's changelog for users keeps things quite light as the company cites bug fixes and improvements coming for Pixel devices.

The patch's bug fixes are as follows:


  • Improvements for touch screen response in certain conditions

User Interface

  • Fix for issue occasionally causing lock screen UI elements to overlap with home screen launcher interface

When it comes to the fix for touch screen response, Google states this is specifically for Pixel 7 Pro models. Annoying screen problems were a common report among owners of the 7 Pro last year, shortly after release. An update (back then) was said to remedy the situation. However, users continued to experience problems. Hopefully, with the May 2023 security patch beginning to roll out, that'll be the last grievance users will have with their 7 Pro's display.

Aside from the typical bug patch information we've come to expect, Pixel users are being brought up to speed with the latest security fixes posted by the Android Security Bulletin for May. The security vulnerabilities are quite numerous here as Google details patches coming for Arm components, MediaTek components, and Qualcomm.

The May update coming right at the first of the month is a welcome one when looking at the rather delayed April 2023 patch, which rolled out a week late. As previously mentioned, the May 2023 security patch will roll out for the Pixel 4a to the Pixel 7 Pro bearing version TQ2A.230505.002 for global devices.

Pixel phones on T-Mobile and related MVNOs like Google Fi will find an A1 update variant for the Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, and Pixel 5a (5G).

The May 2023 security patch should make its rounds as the week rolls on. If you haven't received it yet, or are just curious, you can manually check on your phone by heading to Settings > System > System update.

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