The Google app brings convenience for sharing Search results on Android

Google Search page on a Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Google app on Android has picked up a new "share" button for search queries.
  • Tapping the three-dot menu beside a query on Android now displays a new share button, which users can tap to decide where to share the link or copy it.
  • Google recently announced that it plans to add its AI model Gemini to its Android app, extending its reach to more users.

Google was spotted rolling out a convenient way for users to quickly share information found through Search.

As discovered by Artem Russakovskii on X, the main Google app on Android has picked up its own way of sharing Search results (via 9to5Google). Users can tap the vertical three-dot icon on the far right side of a search result during a query. This will open a full results page featuring the result's information at the top and "About this result" beneath it.

A new "Share" button has joined the row of save, remove result, and feedback options that Google has shown previously.

Tapping the share option opens Android's typical sub-menu for tossing links to other places. Users can copy the link directly or quickly hop into Google Messages, post the link on social media, or Quick Share. Additionally, Artem reiterated the option's existence on the web version of Search, though users can right-click a result and share that way, too.

As the tipster notes, previously, users on mobile would have to open a Search result and copy the link that way to share.

It appears as though the new share button for results in the Google app on Android is widely available. However, it'd be best to give it a little time if you're not seeing it yet.

Google was recently spotted launching a new Search Labs experiment aimed at helping Android users practice English. The company confirmed as much, stating that "Speaking Practice" had started rolling out in several non-native English countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

The English practice is powered by AI, letting users practice in a more natural speaking environment with the bot.

The company's AI model Gemini had its Android app expanded to more regions recently. More importantly, Google plans to bring the AI chatbot to the main Google app, which will likely aid users with search-related queries.

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