Google's latest AI Search experiment helps users refine their English skills

Google Search page on a Google Pixel 7 Pro
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What you need to know

  • Google has been spotted kickstarting a test through Search Labs on Android called "Speaking Practice."
  • Non-native speakers can engage in conversational practices with Google's AI and receive word-use suggestions as they continue.
  • Speaking Practice is available for several non-U.S. countries, though Google teases more regions will pick it up "over time."

Google has started a new AI experiment in Search that lets users refine their English skills more conversationally.

A user on X posted a few screenshots detailing what users can expect from Google's latest Search Labs experiment (via TechCrunch). Accessible through the main Google app on Android, tapping the beaker (Labs icon) explains the new feature called "Speaking Practice." The company states users will find "interactive exercises powered by generative AI."

Google's goal is to help non-native English speakers understand how to use words in daily scenarios alongside examples to guide them.

During practice sessions, users will find a persistent microphone icon centered at the bottom of their display. Tapping this lets them speak to the AI first or deliver an answer. Additionally, Google's experiment offers a row of "suggestions." 

This space contains words that the AI recommends a person use when delivering their response to help provide context and continue the conversation.

Google says the test is currently available for users over the age of 18 in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela. If users prefer, the test appears through the Chrome app on Android, as well. Google states there are plans to roll Speaking Practice out to more regions "over time."

As TechCrunch notes, Google's "Speaking Practice" AI exercise seems to have been built off a previously launched English exercise tool in October. That tool, also through Search, offered practice sheets where users would see a prompt and respond accordingly. The software would then give them an update detailing how accurate they were.

The primary difference is that with Speaking Practices, users can "simulate" scenarios of talking to another person as words continue to appear naturally.

As Google expands its AI experiments, the company rolled out an update for Gemini today (April 30) that makes it more accessible on Android. Extensions are included, meaning users can use the assistant in Google's various apps and services on their mobile devices.

The company teased that there are more Assistant-like features in the works for Gemini. However, the AI can already set timers, manage smart home devices, and start phone calls.

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