We're back after a week off for CTIA. After the break, check out the latest app recommendations from your favorite Android Central editors.

Jared DiPane - Where


While out and about, and in need of information, it can be a bit of a pain to search through several different applications for different pieces of information. Where is a great application that compiles many different topics all in one, which creates a one stop application for most needs while on the go. In this application you are able to view local weather, check the news, search for coupons, check gas prices and search the Yellow pages. I have found myself out in various places, and in need of some information and heading right to my Where application, and never being disappointed. For those with busy lives, or who need quick access to information while on the go, I strongly recommend checking out this free application. Free [Market link]

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Dieter Bohn - Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager

This is my file manager and unsigned app installer. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It's fast, works cleanly for my needs, and has a clear and coherent interface. Recently updated to v.2.3.0 with better memory management, SFTP support, languages and the ability to search text within files. Free [Market link]

DarthPooh (aka Keith Newman) - Seesmic Twitter client

Seesmic for Android

Now that I am back to Android, I decided not to install Twidroid Pro on my Hero, thanks to Seesmic's Twitter Client. It has a ton of great features that are usually reserved for paid or ad-supported apps, which, by the way, Seesmic is neither. It has support for multiple accounts, location, notifications, photo & video uploading and URL shortening services. There is no "shake to reload" option with Seesmic; but it's not a deal breaker since getting back to the top with a touch to reload the feed is just as intuitive. Free [Market link]

Phil Nickinson - CyanogenMod Updater

CyanogenMod Updater

If you've ever used a custom ROM (more on that here), you know that frequent updates are a curse as much as a blessing, having to keep up with the latest build, then copying over and flashing the ROM. But chef extraordinaire Cyanogen has made things as simple as they get with Cyanogen Updater. Run it, download any updates to the CM ROM you're currently using, and it can automatically reboot into recovery and apply the update. A must-have for anyone running a CM ROM. Free (requires root, custom ROM) [Market link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Bookmark Backup and Restore

BookmarkBackup and Restore

Bookmark Backup and Restore is one of those apps that should have been built into Android. It allows you to backup your bookmarks to a file on your SD card, and restore from that file any time you have the need. It also has a great little perk for Sense UI users - it can change the order of the bookmarks on the full screen widget. You won't know how nice this is until you wish you could do it. Until Android has a built in option to back up your browser bookmarks natively to Google Bookmarks, this app will save your bacon if you like to tinker and flash software to your phone. Free [Market link]