Apps of the Week

Looking for some new applications to install on your Android device? Each week we share some of our favorites with you, and we look forward to you sharing your favorites with us in the comments. Let's hit the break and check out some of this weeks favorites.

Kurt Schutte - Strava Cycling (Free)


Whether you're a mountain biking newbie or a seasoned veteran, Strava Cycling is a must have application.  Utilizing this app, users can measure their times on trail segments that other riders have defined or a segment you created.  StravaAfter riding a segment multiple times, Strava will let you know if you've achieved a PR (personal record) or 2nd or 3rd best time which always keeps you motivated to do better on your next ride.  It also provides a map of your ride with Google Maps integrated right within the app.  Additionally, you're able to view an activity summary which gives you all sorts of information ranging from riding time and elevation gain to overall distance.

Once your ride is finished, Strava Cycling will automatically upload your ride and go you can go online to which gives you a plethora of additional options and functionality that will let you compare rides with others, view all of your times on a particular segment, and sort your segment times by age group and weight class.  It's hard to imagine mountain biking without this app so get out there and shred those trails! [Google Play Link]

Sean Brunett - Citi Mobile (Free)


CitiIf you’re a Citi Bank customer and want to have an easy way to manage your account on-the-go, I highly recommend the Citi Mobile app. It’s designed well and is very easy to navigate. For banking customers, you can view your account balance, scroll through your recent activity, pay bills, move money between accounts and pay others. If you have a Citi credit card, you can view your outstanding balance, make payments, track transactions and view your rewards. In addition, the app allows you to locate the nearest Citi ATM machine. Mobile banking is becoming increasingly important and Citi is one that I feel does a great job with their Android app. [Google Play Link]

Richard Devine - Demolition Inc. THD ($0.99)


DemolitionDemolition Inc just hit the Play Store for Tegra devices, and damn if it isn't already taking up too much of my time. It's incredibly easy to just pick up and play, and you get to make explosions happen. Tell me that doesn't entice you?

It's a really simple premise -- you have to blow stuff up. Using a variety of different tools, even super glue -- yes super glue -- you have to direct traffic, cause explosions and blow up as many buildings as you can. And, because it's a Tegra game, it looks pretty darn good as well. There's not really much that can be said about it. If you've a compatible device, give it a whirl. After all, who doesn't like blowing things up? [Google Play Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - DiskUsage (Free)


Most folks don't know, care, or need to know about the files that are using up their device storage space -- but you guys aren't most users. The simple fact that you're here, reading and learning all there is to read and learn about Android makes you either a power-user, or power-user in training. Here's a great utility for those times when you need to see just what is eating up your storage space. DiskUsage does that with ease, just choose what you want to look at -- you can decide between applications storage or regular storage card, or if you're rooted you can view all the partitions -- and you're presented with an easy to understand visual layout of what files are where, and how big they are. It's a great way to visualize things like exactly how much space your Google Currents cache is taking (hint: a lot), or how much space you'll gain if you start clearing application cache for things like the browser or mail app. For those times when you need to know these sort of things, it's great that we have tools like DiskUsage to find out. Grab it from the Google Play store for free (all versions of Android). [Google Play Link]

Chris Parsons - Meme Generator (Free)


MemeMeme's are fun and they're great for a laugh. Making meme's on your smartphone without the use of an app is not fun, nor does it make you laugh. That's why you need to Meme Generator from the Google Play Store. With it you can create and customize many meme's on the go. ALL TEH MEME'S. It's free.. seriously...Y U NO DOWNLOAD? [Google Play Link]

Alex Dobie - Nyan Cat Wallpaper, Alarm and Game (Free)


And now for something completely ridiculous -- the original Nyan Cat live wallpaper, which as since morphed into a Nyanfull-blown app. In addition to the original flying, animated, 8-bit-style pop-tart cat thing background, you've also got a basic rhythm-based game -- including OpenFeint support for sharing scores -- as well as a built-in Nyan alarm. And you can spend time in the app to clock up your overall Nyan score -- that's the total amount of time you've spent staring at the pixelated critter with the music looping in the background. ICS users can also unlock the Nyandroid Ice Cream Sandwich body for use in the app, which is a nice touch.

Go on, keep telling yourself you've got something better to do. [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - X-Men ($0.99)


X-MenIf you were a child of the 90s, this one will really bring you back. The ye-old-fashioned X-Men arcade game that you vividly remember pounding on for hours on end is available on Android in all of its retro glory. Don't look for any updated graphics or 3D wizardry here-- just simple, nostalgic gameplay that's nearly impossible to put down. On larger-screened devices, the game is a breeze to play, and with multiplayer support, you can host a 4-player battle royale over a shared wi-fi connection. At $.99, you can charge all of your friends a quarter per round and easily recoup your money. Dollar well spent. [Google Play Link]