Decisions, decisions, decisions. Luckily, not all of them in life have to be hard ones to make. We like to make things easy for you, so each week we bring you a sample of our favorite Android applications, so why not hit the jump and take a look at what we got for you this week? 

Kyle Gibb- Boxee Remote


Boxee is a media center program for Windows and Mac. It automatically finds movies, boxeemusic, tv shows, and more on your computer and puts them all into an easy to use interface. A great feature is that it plugs into other internet video portals, such as Youtube, CNN, and the Onion, via customizable "apps" that allow you quick and elegant access to your favorite video sides on the internet. The Boxee Remote is an app for your Android phone that turns it into a simple remote, allowing you to control Boxee without the need for a keyboard or mouse. Setup is super easy, the app will automatically find any computer running Boxee on your home wifi network. [Market Link | AppBrain]

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Sean Brunett - Tethering Widget


Widgets can make life so much easier by allowing you to complete tasks on your home-screen. We all know about the widgets for toggling wifi, GPS, syncing and so forth. Now there is a widget for turning tethering on and off! Simply called Tethering Widget, it allows you to quickly turn on USB or wifi tethering without going to settings. There are two options once you have installed the widget: large or small. The large version has both USB and wifi options while the small allows you to pick one. It's free and will make it so much easier to tether! Android 2.2 or higher ONLY. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Andrew Melnizek - MicDroid


Long ago, in the golden days of music, people actually needed the talent and chutzpah to be able to become a well known singer in the world. Now all you need to do is download micdroidMicDroid and pretend like you're singing. This app allows you to sound just like the rapper T-Pain. After all, he made a career off of auto-tuning his voice. The app is very simple in design, only sporting a "record" button. Once recorded, the app performs some magic, and before you know it, you're sounding just like T-Pain. It's a free app, but just make sure once you make it big, you download the $2.99 donate version off the Market. "YEAAHHH!" Free [Market Link | AppBrain] Donate [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Fishin' 2 Go


If you're like me, nothing is quite as fun as fishing. The fresh air, the cool water, even the mosquitoes call out to me. But sometimes, you just can't get to the lake or your favorite trout stream ( and usually there's a wife involved somehow ). Fishin' 2 Go is a great way fishingto fill the void. you have your choice of tackle, ranging from light gear and small baits for sneaky panfish and wary trout, all the way up to the heavy gear and one pound weights to go after the big game -- like marlin or Mako shark. You also have the choice of a few locations, and just like the real world each has it's secrets and special techniques. Once you catch that trophy you're after, you can share it online as well as keep a nice record of your catches. Trust me -- the next time the wife has you at the mall while she tries on every pair of shoes in J.C. Penny, slip on the headphones, fire up Fishin' 2 Go and spend the time doing a little fishing. Fishin'2 Go is in the Market, there's a free trial version and the full version is only $2.25. Trial [Market Link | AppBrain] Full [Market Link | AppBrain]

Ali Fazel - How to Knot a Tie (or Schlips & Kragen)


knotEver get bored tying the same old, tired knot in your tie? Well it's time to wake up your latent sense of tie tying fashion with How to Knot a Tie. With step-by-step instructions in the form of easy-to-follow pictures for 7 different tie-knot-types, you have the perfect knot for any occasion. Along with the instructions and variety, the developer also included a bit of tie etiquette to make sure that your tie knot is not only fashionable, but that your tie is being worn correctly. I used this for my last job interview, and here I am typing this email during a break at the job it got me. So go for it, and see if How to Knot a Tie also works for you! [Market LinkApp Brain]

Jared DiPane - Backgrounds



Often times our selections are geared towards the fun, exciting, feature-filled applications that the Android market houses. What we tend to forget are the basic applications, that serve a very practical use in daily life. As many of you have seen in previous posts I like to have a nice, high quality wallpaper on my device at all times, andBackgrounds allows me to do just that. The interface is very easy to use, you can save and set wallpapers directly from within the application and it makes finding something new to fit your mood for that day a breeze. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Phil Nickinson - Android Central Clock

Android Central Clock

This is what happens when you let Jerry get his hands on the Android App Inventor. It's a simple widget, and woe is the user who tries to launch it as an app. (Go ahead, try it.)  Jerry's too humble to feature it himself, so I'll do it for him. :) [Market linkApp Brain]