Apps are oh so much fun, and they make the Android experience so much better. If you have a hard time while searching the Android Market, you won't want to delay any further. Hit the jump and let's take a look at what we got this week for you.

 Jason Bauman - Spotify (Free)


Spotify Just launched in the US and I was lucky enough to nab an invite. If you're not familiar with the Spotifyservice, Spotify gives you instant access to millions of tracks (and music you actually listen to!) that you can stream for free (with ads) on your computer. They have subscription plans that remove the ads and allow playback on other devices, and I decided to spring for the premium subscription ($10/month) so I could get it on my phone. The app is easy to navigate and looks slick on my phone. All the basic features from the desktop client are present, including the ability to stream in high quality or download playlists for offline playback. The music streaming industry is quickly filling up with some pretty stiff competition, but I'm finding music on Spotify that I haven't seen on others, and I like how you can share your playlists with other users. I used to spend more than $10 a month on music anyway, so it was well worth it for me. Until Phil convinces Microsoft to bring ZunePass to Android, Spotify's the music app for me. [Market Link

Chris Parsons - Box (Free)


BoxMuch like Dropbox, which for some is a vital tool -- Drop offers plenty of cloud storage to those who need just that extra bit of space for things. Be it that you need to share documents and files with co-workers or are just looking for somewhere to host some wallpapers without wasting space on your SD card, box has you covered. The app is available as a free download for all, and when signing up you get 5GB of free storage -- if you need more, you can purchase it through their website. If you're in need of some easily accessible storage, give Box a try. It works on both Android smartphones and Android tablets. [Market Link

Anndrew Vacca - Tweetcaster HD Beta (Free)


It seems that Android tablets are growing at a much faster rate than the Honeycomb app catalog. Though Tweetcasterwe are seeing new tablets hit the market every day, a lot of the apps we’ve grown accustom to using regularly have yet to adapt. One app that has, however, is Tweetcaster, one of my favorite third-party Twitter apps. With the beta release of their new HD version, Tweetcaster has taken the experience we all know and love and added some Honeycomb flavor. The end result is a sleek, intuitive, and easy-to-use experience that I will deem as the best Twitter client for tablets today. Sure, links open in Tweetcaster’s less-than-stellar browser, and opening the app doesn’t take you back to where you last left off, but hey, beta’s aren’t perfect. Sit tight, because this is the one to keep your eye on. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Calorie Counter (Free)

Calorie Counter

CalorieI'll be honest, I could stand to lose a couple of pounds, and doing it on my own in the past has never seemed to work out to well, so I have gone out and found some help from my little Android friend. Calorie Counter is a great application that helps keep track of my calorie intake for each meal, helping me avoid things I shouldn't eat, and giving me the extra motivation to fill snacks with healthier alternatives. While you still need to be focused and motivated to achieve the results, this is a great tool to help you along the way. [Market Link]