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Tired of spending hours searching the market, only to end up closing it and having not installed anything new? Hit the break with us and let's check out some of our favorites from this past week together!

Kevin O'Quinn - Flick Golf Extreme ( $0.99)

Flick Golf Extreme

I'm not what I would call a hardcore gamer.  I like games that I can pick up, play for a few minutes, and feel like I still got something accomplished.  Games like Flick Golf Extreme fit the bill perfectly.  After having already played Flick Golf and Flick Soccer I decided to give this one a try.  If you've Flick Golf Extremeplayed either one of the other games then you know what's going on.  You flick the ball with your finger and while it's in the air you can continue to flick it to change it's flight path.  You can also change where it goes up to the third bounce on the ground.  It's an ingenious mechanic, and works really well.

As you get further through the courses the difficulty goes up, wind speed increases, and the point values to unlock the next level also increase.  There are multiple game modes, including Quickshot (where you score as many points as you can in a set amount of time), World Tour (where you play nine holes of golf at each course), and Five Ball Mode.  This mode is new.  You only get five balls to score as many points as you can.  There are bonuses for well placed shots, a stat tracker, and coming soon are leader boards and a career tracker where you can compare your skills with your friends. [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation (Free)

Turbo Tax

Fellow procrastinators: this one’s for you. You’ve got less than a week to file your 2011 taxes, and Turbo Taxchances are if you waited this long, you just haven’t had the time to sit in front of a computer and let software pick your brain. That’s where TurboTax’s Android app comes in. Instead of sitting at your desk, you can do your taxes on the fly from your smartphone or even your tablet. It’s the same TurboTax you know and love, except now it can be thrown into your pocket. The questions are just as tedious and the process is just as painful, but hey, your 2011 income has never looked as good as it does on a Super AMOLED display. The app is free to use, though unfortunately you’ll have to pay both federal and state filing fees. Now, quit wasting time. You only have a few days left! [Google Play Link]

Sean Brunett - MLB At the Ballpark (Free)


This week I am going to feature another sports app, MLB At the Ballpark. Like MLB At Bat, this MLB At the Parkapp is developed by Major League Baseball, and serves a companion app when you’re at the ballpark. If you decide to go to a game, download this app to access deals and maps for the particular stadium you are attending. With the app, you can check-in to receive deals and offers, explore an interactive stadium map, order food and drinks straight from the app to be delivered to your section (only available at select ballparks) and view parking information. It also features great social media integration so you can brag to your friends about being at a particular game. This app is free and serves as a perfect compliment for when you’re attending live MLB games. Play ball! [Google Play Link]

Chris Parsons - Goomanager Beta (Free)


GoomanagerFor rooted users who like to always have the latest and greatest ROM's for their device, having an app that offers ROM download options built right in is great and that is exactly what Goomanger helps me with. It does a lot more then that though as it offers Google Apps packages, kernels, root tools and pretty much anything else that is available on the website. The app is free, however you can donate to have faster downloads and such from the site. If you're rooted and flash ROM's often, don't sleep on this one. [Google Play Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Network Discovery (Free)

Network Discovery

Network DiscoveryNetwork Discovery is a Wifi network scanning and profiling tool, that's very basic and very simple. This means it's simple to use, and does exactly what you expect it to do. The app will give you a list of all attached devices, and scan for either a specific port or a range of ports. Granted, this app isn't that useful for many folks, but anytime you're troubleshooting and testing a network, a portable scanner can come in pretty handy. It's free in the Google Play store, and works on devices running Android 1.5 and higher. [Google Play Link]

Alex Dobie - BT FON (Free)

BT Fon

If you're a BT Broadband customer in the UK -- or you've opted into the BT FON network by sharing your own connection -- you can take advantage of BT's extensive network of Wifi hotspots around the country. But you're required to log in using a web interface each time you connect, BT FONwhich isn't always ideal on a mobile device. This is where the official BT FON app for Android comes in, automatically logging you in when you're connected to a BT FON hotspot. The app also keeps your Wifi AP list up to date with all the correct SSID's, so there's no need to manually add all these yourself. And there's a handful of other useful features too, like configurable notifications when you sign into a hotspot, and the ability to prioritize your own networks over BT FON's open hotspots.

The BT FON app for Android is available on the Google Play Store for free, for devices running Android 1.5 and above. [Google Play Link]

Richard Devine - Boid (Free)


Yet another Twitter client I hear you say. But this one is really good, despite still being in alpha.

BoidWe featured Boid when it first emerged, and it recently received a huge update that makes it a lot more stable, and a lot friendlier to use. It fits beautifully within the ICS design, is fluid, and is generally a pleasure to use.

The developers are always listening to feedback, they want this to be our app, not theirs. I fed a list of things back as have a number of people, and they're definitely listening. Within a day or two another update emerged with suggested amendments.

It's still a little buggy as the alpha moniker conveys but that aside, this one is shaping up to be something special. [Google Play Link]