Amazon's underrated Echo Buds wireless earbuds are down to their lowest price ever

Amazon echo buds lifestyle 9
Amazon echo buds lifestyle 9 (Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

Listen up, we've found another great Amazon's Echo Buds deal to share with you! Since Amazon Prime Day ended just a few short weeks ago and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only a few weeks away, you might be surprised to hear that there is another big sale on Amazon devices for the next few days.

The special event? Alexa's 6th birthday! There are Echo speakers, Fire TV devices, and Blink and Ring home security equipment galore on sale, but the product deal that I'm most excited about is for Amazon's excellent Echo Buds true wireless earbuds.

$80 at Amazon

The Echo Buds may not have gotten as much attention over the past year as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus or Buds Live, or the ever-popular line of Apple AirPods, but they hold up quite well against the best from these tech giants. These tend to sell very well, and they're likely to sell out at this price during this special Alexa birthday sale. If you are interested in securing a pair for yourself, be sure to get your order in now!

I purchased a pair of Echo Buds nearly a year ago when they were first released, and I remain convinced that they are among the best Alexa-enabled devices that Amazon currently sells. They regularly retail for slightly less than the Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ or the entry-level Apple AirPods, but they offer comparable (and often better) features and specs than those popular earbuds.

The hands-free Alexa access, ANR, and passthrough mode are a great deal at $130, but they're a steal at $80.

For starters, you get hands-free access to Amazon Alexa right out of the box. That is an underrated yet super convenient feature that doesn't get discussed enough. Even if Alexa isn't your favorite voice assistant, it's nice not to have to use your hands if you're pushing a stroller or grocery cart or have your hands on bike handles. Of course, you can invoke Google Assistant or Apple Siri with a tap, which just amplifies their utility.

The buds look big but are actually some of the most comfortable I've worn over the past year or so. They feature Bose-powered Active Noise Reduction (ANR) to block out unwanted sounds as well as a fantastic passthrough mode for when you need or want to hear the world around you. I've found this very helpful when hiking in the woods or just crossing the street.

Finally, the sound. No doubt, some earbuds sound more rich or dynamic to audiophiles, but for the average Joe like me, these sound great. The bass is strong, mids sound just right, and even the highs don't get lost. Whether you listen to spoken word content like podcasts or audiobooks, or lots of music, you should be more than happy with the Echo Buds.

Alexa, sing happy birthday to me

This matches the deals that we saw earlier this month during Prime Day 2020, and while it's likely that Amazon will match this price for Black Friday, there is no guarantee here. If you're in the market for an excellent, affordable pair of true wireless earbuds, you won't regret picking up a pair. So say a special happy birthday wish to Alexa, and grab yourself a pair of Echo Buds while this deal is still active.

Jeramy Johnson

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