Galaxy Note 4 leak

Update: Whoops. On closer inspection looks like this is in fact a fan render from a few months back.

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Note 4 early next month at the IFA, with rumors referencing two possible variants of the device — a standard model with a form factor similar to that of the Galaxy Alpha and a curved display version which may be called the Galaxy Note Edge. Images leaked earlier this week claimed to show the standard version, and today another image has appeared showing what a curved display variant might look like.

The image from GSMArena is allegedly shows a Galaxy Note 4 unit sent out for testing, showing a display that slopes to the left and right sides of the device.

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Also highlighted in the image is the back, which looks more akin to that of the Galaxy S5 than the Galaxy Note 3. Another point of difference is a flap that is covering the microUSB port at the bottom of the device.

As is always the case with unsubstantiated leaks, we suggest you take the information with a grain of salt. What do you guys think of the Galaxy Note 4 with the curved display?

Source: GSMArena