OnePlus' first mechanical keyboard will officially launch in February 2023

OnePlus Keyboard Design
(Image credit: OnePlus)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus will launch its first mechanical keyboard next year in February.
  • The product is designed in partnership with Keychron.
  • The mechanical keyboard will have an aluminum body design, swappable and mappable keys, and other customizable features.

OnePlus has shed some more details on its first mechanical keyboard, including the launch timeline next to its mass production phase. The famous keyboard maker Keychron has partnered with OnePlus to develop the first mechanical keyboard.

After launching the first OnePlus monitors early this month, the company has been teasing the new keyboard over the past few weeks. This week, there is more information on the upcoming keyboard.

The OnePlus mechanical keyboard is said to have keys/switches co-created by fans. It supports customizable features like swappable switches, remappable keys, and RGB light effects and includes open-source firmware like QMK and VIA.

The company states that it would also come with a double gasket design, which further promises to give users a satisfying sound. The keyboard also promises a better typing experience and is believed to have been optimized for working and gaming scenarios.

The upcoming mechanical keyboard will likely have a premium aluminum body design while maintaining a lighter form factor. Further, the keyboard will be equally compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it will also work with Linux.

All of the said features seem intriguing for a mechanical keyboard making its debut and all set to take on the best keyboards in the vast market. But there is still time for consumers to get their hands on the mechanical keyboard as it is yet to enter the rigorous testing phase.

OnePlus says we can expect the official product launch in February of next year. This will be followed by the keyboard hitting the mass production phase (from March to May), which means consumers could get their first mechanical keyboard sometime later in 2023.

Vishnu Sarangapurkar
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