I can't believe Amazon's Black Friday sale has this Baseus 65W portable laptop charger on sale for only $60

Baseus Ambilight 65W 30000mAh portable charger
(Image credit: Baseus)

Black Friday is packed with deals on accessories, like this one for one of the best battery packs you can get from Baseus. Many of the options out there are either underpowered, lacking ports, or just don't have the capacity to handle charging much more than your phone only one time. Not for the Baseus Amblight Power Bank 65W output and a battery with 30000mAh.

Head to Amazon before the Black Friday sale ends and you can grab this power bank for just $60!

Baseus Amblight Power Bank 65W 30000mAh: $99.99 $59.99 at Amazon

Baseus Amblight Power Bank 65W 30000mAh: $99.99 $59.99 at Amazon

You can skip hauling wall chargers if you pick up this beast of a battery bank. At 30000mAh, you can recharge your phone at least six times. But more impressively, it can also power your laptop or Chromebook. So save yourself money and time with this charger from Baseus.

$60 for a 30000mAh portable charger with 65W output is such a good deal

Baseus has stuffed a lot of features into this relatively compact portable charger, much like it does for another favorite from the brand — the Blade. Along with its power capabilities, it has a helpful display to show how much battery is left, as well as input and output rates. This is great for monitoring what the five output ports and the optional three input ports are doing. 

Portable chargers like this are great for keeping all the best smartphones powered up, but also many of the top Chromebooks, like the HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook. But getting one with the features and capacity of the Baseus Amblight Power Bank at only $60 is unheard of. So, snag this deal while you can.

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