Half off or more on Tech21 Galaxy S22 cases is a bargain

Tech 21 Galaxy S22 cases
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Tech21 makes excellent phone cases constructed with the best materials. And if you own any one of the Samsung Galaxy S22 models, you're in luck. Some Tech21 S22 cases are more than half off for Prime Day. Even the ones that haven't seen such delightful price reductions are on sale, such as the Tech21 Evo Check case which is 40% cheaper than it's normal cost.

We've long been fans of the achingly beautiful Tech21 phone cases for Samsung. In our review of the Tech21 Evo Check Note 10+ case, we commended the cover for its adaptability and drop resistance. The Evo Check for the S22 is equally good, if not better. Its grippy edges, premium build quality, and antimicrobial properties are highly coveted by all. Let's also not forget that the case itself looks stunning.

To completely arm your S22 against the worst, the Tech21 Evo Max is the right answer. It's like a heavy-duty phone cover on steroids, offering drop protection up to 20 feet, and a holster to help you lug it around. If you'd like to avoid overkill, the Tech21 Evo Tactile is a toned down version which is still rugged enough to survive 16 feet falls.

Suit up your S22 with these deluxe Tech21 cases

Tech21 Evo Check for Samsung Galaxy S22:$39.99$23.99 at Amazon

Tech21 Evo Check for Samsung Galaxy S22: $39.99 $23.99 at Amazon

Get 40% off the sleek and stylish Tech21 Evo Check case for the Galaxy S22. You get grippy sides, germ-killing technology, and 16 feet drop protection. This cover is available for the S22+ and S22 Ultra at 35% and 13% off respectively.

Tech21 Evo Max for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:$49.99$25.01 at Amazon

Tech21 Evo Max for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: $49.99 $25.01 at Amazon

Score a whopping 50% discount on this rugged Tech21 Evo Max case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is the ultimate case for the ultimate flagship, bolstered against falls from 20 feet high. The textured lines add a lot of grip and raised edges prevent damage valiantly.

Tech21 Evo Tactile for Samsung Galaxy S22:$44.99$21.48 at Amazon

Tech21 Evo Tactile for Samsung Galaxy S22: $44.99 $21.48 at Amazon

This one's a less chonkier heavy-duty cover for your S22, S22 Plus, or S22 Ultra. Unfortunately, only the Galaxy S22 model of the Tech21 Evo Tactile case is on sale for 52% off the usual price. It has a uniquely textured back with wavy lines that look cool while also adding grip.

Tech21 Evo Lite for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus:$29.99$16.55 at Amazon

Tech21 Evo Lite for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $29.99 $16.55 at Amazon

Get the best of both worlds with this slim case that somehow touts a robust 10 feet drop protection. It fits your S22 like a glove and comes in two shades: Black and Clear. The Tech21 Evo Lite has seen a 45% price drop for the Galaxy S22+ and an even higher 48% discount for the S22 Ultra case. The S22 version is only 30% off, but that's fair considering the better Evo Check cover is available for it.

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