Otterbox Defender Series case for the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S7 is on sale for cheap

Otterbox Defender Series for Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S7
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Otterbox is a name that has become almost synonymous with rugged phone and tablet cases. You know you're getting real sturdy stuff when this brand gets involved, and Otterbox never fails to live up to its good reputation. The case maker offers many excellent protective cases but the Defender Series is the cream of the crop. 

For the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S7, you won't find a better protective case. Thanks to this Prime Day deal, the Defender Series for the Tab S8 and S7 is on sale with a generous 57% taken off its price tag.

Otterbox's Defender Series case for the Galaxy Tab S8 fits the 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 perfectly. Even if you choose to upgrade your Tab S7 to the newer Tab S8, this robust case for the Tab S7 won't go to waste. And what a cover this is, let me tell you. 

Your Galaxy Tab is encased in multiple defensive layers, covering all ports and holes of consequence, and blocking any dirt or external particles from causing damage to your device. There's a screen protector built in, saving you the time and money needed to find one separately.

As you'd expect, the Otterbox Defender Series case for both Samsung tablets has a slot to accommodate the S Pen. Your stylus will be safe and secure, surrounded by raised lips to protect both it and the tablet from danger. Otterbox provides a two year guarantee, adding another layer of intangible protection — this one for your mental comfort. Should the case fail to protect your Tab S8 and S7 from shocks, falls, drops, scrapes, and bumps, you can take it up with Otterbox and return the cover.

Rugged protection on a budget

Otterbox Defender Series for Galaxy Tab S8 & Galaxy Tab S7:$89.95$55.70 at Amazon

Otterbox Defender Series for Galaxy Tab S8 & Galaxy Tab S7: $89.95 $55.70 at Amazon

Otterbox manufactures high-quality, durable cases that can survive the harshest of falls and the jerkiest of shocks. Grab the Defender Series case for your Galaxy Tab S8 or Tab S7. It caters to your heavy-duty protection needs, inclusive of a built-in screen guard. This deal scores you 57% off, only for Prime Day.

Many other cases from Otterbox are on sale right now, including covers for phones as well as tablets. Are you a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series? Check out these awesome Otterbox cases for the S22 family of smartphones, currently on sale for 30% off on select models.

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