Best USB-C cables for Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets

All Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets out there charge via USB-C, so you know you're in big trouble if you lose the Type-C cable that came with your device. Since Chrome OS devices charge at higher charging speeds as opposed to a lot of Android phones, you need to be careful with the type of USB-C cable you buy to charge your Chromebook. Specs like Power Delivery and rated power capacity are of high importance. 

We know this can be a little daunting if you're not well-versed in tech, so we've gone ahead and collected the best USB-C cables for your Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets right here.

Reliable USB-C cables for your Chromebook

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Finding the right Type-C cable for your Chromebook

Unlike the best Chromebooks, most flagship Android phones of today don't support more than 45W wired charging speeds. That's why companies like Samsung and Google ship 3A USB-C cables with their mobile devices. This is precisely why you cannot charge your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet with your phone's charger. You see, to charge anything above 60W, you need a 5A Type-C cord which is also called an e-marked cable.

But how do you know if the cable you're buying is rated 5A? Usually, the manufacturer explicitly mentions the rated capacity of the wire or states that it has an E-Marker chip in the product specifications. If you can't find it either, check the wattage for your USB-C cable of choice and go for something that can handle between 60W to 100W. And of course, make sure you've grabbed a compatible 60W or 100W Type-C charger too.

The best USB-C cable for your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet is the UGREEN Right Angle 100W USB-C Cable. This is a brand that we know and trust based on our hands-on experience with its products. Not only is the design a feat of ingenuity, but the UGREEN wire is affordable and sports all the right specs to fast charge any laptop at its top speeds. It is also one of the few Type-C cords that comes in a 10-foot size option.

Any of the other cables on this list will serve you well. However, if you're looking for something multipurpose, Nomad's Kevlar Universal Cable is a wise choice. With swappable connectors, the Nomad USB-C cord can convert into a micro-USB cable in a jiffy. Impressively, the Kevlar Universal Cable still retains support for 100W PD wired charging. You'll be very pleased with Nomad's offering, but your wallet will definitely suffer for it.

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