Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 chargers 2024

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is one of the best foldables for productivity in the market. However, it's not a major upgrade as it retains much of its components from the previous iteration. You've got similar cameras, memory options, and displays. Even the design is nearly identical to the Z Fold 4. So it comes as no surprise that the battery and charging specs are the same as well.

You get two 2,200mAh cells inside the Z Fold 5, adding up to a total capacity of 4,400mAh. Samsung paired this with the same old 25W wired and 10-15W fast wireless charging speeds. Those are abysmal top-up speeds in this day and age. To add insult to injury, you don't get a charging brick in the box. For that, you'll need one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 chargers that are compatible with its fast charging profiles. Here are our favorite picks. 

Go from zero to 100 with the best chargers for the Z Fold 5

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Get a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 charger for every location

You never know when you might run out of charge, which is why it's crucial to have at least two charging solutions in your possession. The best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 chargers take many forms. Some have multiple ports, while others can recharge your foldable wirelessly. Whether you need a speedy USB-C charger or a pocket-sized portable power bank, we've rounded up all the best options right here.

First off, you need to grab the UGREEN Nexode 45W USB-C 2-Port Charger. This compact and powerful little brick has folding prongs, two USB-C ports, and all the right specs. You can easily juice up your Fold 5 at max wired charging speeds and another device simultaneously. The price is very reasonable, making it a no-nonsense buy.

Next, you need an on-the-go solution for when you're out and about. This could be a wireless portable power bank or a car charger. It really depends on what mode of transport you use regularly and what's your preferred method of charging outside your home. If you have your own vehicle, the unbelievably cheap OtterBox USB-C Dual Port Car Charger 50W is an unmissable deal. It's hard to believe that you get two fast charging USB-C ports at such a low price. Just remember to grab your trusty USB-C cable, as it doesn't come with one.

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