Massive Sonos Move 2 leak reveals design, details audio and connectivity changes

Sonos Move 2 leaked lifestyle render
(Image credit: The Verge / Sonos)

What you need to know

  • A wave of leaks suggests the Sonos Move 2 may not gain any design changes. However, it may feature dual-angled tweeters and a subwoofer.
  • Connectivity switching is rumored, letting users cast music over Bluetooth to the speaker and letting it broadcast the audio over Wi-Fi to additional devices.
  • Once again, the Sonos Move 2 is rumored to receive a $50 bump, possibly launching at $449.

Quite a bit of information has leaked surrounding the upcoming launch of the Sonos Move 2 portable speaker.

The leak stems from the collaboration of tipster OnLeaks and MediaPeanut, which gives us a clear look at its rumored design and audio capabilities. Beginning with its design, the Sonos Move 2 appears to retain the same ovular shape as the original from 2020. The cutout on its back also remains, ensuring consumers can continue to enjoy a portal speaker experience.

The publication adds that the Move 2 may land on the market in black, white, and olive. A notable difference as the original iteration was only offered in a black colorway.

In terms of sound, it appears as though Sonos has upgraded the audio capabilities of the Move 2, going from mono output to true stereo playback. This could be possible by the rumored upgrade to dual-angled tweeters instead of featuring only one like the first Move.

Moreover, consumers may find the Move 2 contains a subwoofer for deeper lows paired with "Automatic Trueplay" optimization for an enhanced sound experience.

We've heard some rumors previously about the Move 2's purported battery life of "up to 24 hours." The current leak doubles down on this but also adds the Move 2 will allegedly sport "improved standby endurance." This pushes us to believe the speaker will use even less power while sitting idle.

Furthermore, the device is said to include a wireless charging base with a removable adapter as well.

A leaked lifestyle render of the Sonos Move 2 being picked up.

(Image credit: MediaPeanut)

For connectivity, Sonos is apparently shifting the Move 2 in a much easier direction by letting the device switch streaming modes automatically, which may let users stream music from their phone to the Sonos speaker over Bluetooth, and the device would then broadcast the audio on additional devices in the house via Wi-Fi.

The previous Move 2 rumor stated the device would support "line-in audio over its USB-C port," as well as charging other devices through that same port.

The automatic connectivity switching will supposedly come into greater effect as the Move 2 lets users interact with streaming devices and platforms alongside music streaming services.

While Android Central spoke about the original Move's expensive pricing, previous and current rumors point to a $50 increase. This could potentially land the Sonos Move 2 at $449 once it launches sometime in late September.

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