Sonos Move 2 could offer 24 hours of battery life and even better audio quality

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What you need to know

  • A new leak suggests that the Sonos Move 2 will debut sometime "around the end of September."
  • Sonos is said to be bringing "up to 24 hours" of batery life, along with various other improvements.
  • The original Move was released back in 2019, and is largely considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers.

When it comes to the world of smart speakers, Sonos has a pretty good grip on the high-end corner of the market. And for good reason, as these are easily some of the best speakers that money can buy. That being said, we could be close to seeing a popular Sonos speaker receiving its first successor.

The Sonos Move was released in September of 2019, and according to a new leak from The Verge, the Sonos Move 2 will arrive next month. Sonos is expected to improve everything from the battery life to audio quality, and even the charging base station, with the Move 2.

What helped the Sonos Move stand out from the crowd is that it's basically a supercharged Bluetooth speaker. It was the first of its kind from Sonos, opening the door for the likes of the Sonos Roam to be released later on. 

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In our review of the Move, we stated that we said that "it's the Sonos speaker that does it all and asks for your understanding in paying $400 for the privilege." If this leak from The Verge is anything to go by, Sonos is making a lot of the expected improvements to one of the best Sonos speakers out there.

Along with supporting Bluetooth playback, the Move 2 is said to also include support for "line-in audio over its USB-C port" while also being able to "charge mobile devices using the same port." The Move 2 could also include Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, along with "a new switch on the back of the product for disabling voice microphones." 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though you'll be able to use Google Assistant with the Move 2. Instead, you'll be relegated to using either Amazon Alexa or Sonos Voice Control. This might not come as too much of a shock considering that the recently-released Era 100 and Era 300 do not include Assistant support. 

Lastly, if you were hoping for the Move 2 to be a bit more friendlier to your wallet, you're going to be disappointed. The Verge claims Sonos will price the Move 2 "at $449 in the United States," which is actually $50 more expensive than the original Move. We won't have to wait too much longer as the Move 2 is expected to be unveiled sometime near the end of September.

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