Logitech keyboard

We've got a Logitech Tablet Keyboard (read our full review) laying around, so it's time to give it to one of you lucky readers.

Just leave a comment here on this post, and we'll pick a winner this afternoon. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0 tablets



Would go very nicely with my Xoom and possibly my GNEX (compatibility unknown). Would very much appreciate it androidcentral... help a bra out.

Hey AndroidCentral, I could defintely use an awesome bluetooth keyboard for my Asus Transformer. Thanks for keeping us informed on all the new and coolest android devices.

Funny, i was just shopping around for one of these today! It would be great to have one of these so i could multitask on my paired devices at work.

I'm a poor 19 year old girl in collage but a few months ago my laptop got stolen from my room.But luckily I got an acer tablet for x-mas. This keyboard would be the perfect belated christmas gift from santa to restore my laptop functionalities.

Is this for worldwide Android Central readers? Note that lately I learned the hard way that international != worldwide, so I am wondering if any Android Central anywhere in the world can follow this contest. If the answer is yes, excellent and count me in please.

That's a nice looking keyboard. The ones with edgeas made to fit with the tablet look uncomfortable. Please pock me. Thank you

Bluetooth keyboards are so nice. I could use another because my wife keeps taking my Moto BT keyboard for her iPad.

Today is my 48th birthday and would make a great gift. I would love to pair it with my Samsung 8.9. If not I will buy one soon.

I just started running an Ice Cream Sandwich rom on my A500. I'd love to have this for an even more complete experience.

I was one of the first to get a Toshiba Thrive. Love it. Absolutely NO problems so far. I think most of the problems stated on the blog are USER ERROR. To use ANY computer device you have to understand how computers work and THINK.

It would be nice to have a dock and keyboard.

Tip: When I fly I buy a DVD and convert it to the proper CODEC for the Thrive with FOXREAL DVD Ripper. I have tried FREE Rippers and they do not work for the proper configurations for the Thrive Honeycomb Operating System. Prior to the Thrive I traveled with a Netbook and plug in USB DVD player. The Thrive is a lot less hassle to set up on those cramped airline seats. Plugin the headset and push play.