Logitech keyboard

We've got a Logitech Tablet Keyboard (read our full review) laying around, so it's time to give it to one of you lucky readers.

Just leave a comment here on this post, and we'll pick a winner this afternoon. Good luck!

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vaca232 says:

¡Por Favor!

krishnanm says:

i could use one

grayman says:

Free keyboards are awesome.

franckak says:

ME!!! ME!!! PICK ME!!!!! For my XOOM !!

MediaFeener says:


JSKershaw says:

Me Please!!!

UnfocusedHTC says:

This would be awsome for my acer iconia A500.

gerald410 says:

I would love one.

cougar#AC says:

Yes! This is the one thing missing for the wife acceptance factor! :)

I'd love to win one of these to use with my Asus TF101! It would be great for surfing the web from the couch while my tablet is connected to my TV. Thanks for the awesome contest AC!

johnbom says:

I'd like a chance to win this peripheral.


i want this looks sexy!!!!

JaybirdOSU says:

This would be a great addition to the Xoom my wife is getting for her birthday!

srfreeman says:


Jason Lee says:

OOOH!!! oohh!! Pick me!

Wow I could REALLY use one of these for my Tab!

ITForensic says:

i wouldn't object if i got one...you guys are awesome with or without giveaways

wildkarrde21 says:

That's a pretty sweet design.

kyo171 says:

pick me pick me, I would like this, plus my birthday is approaching.

astraelraen says:

Pretty please

some_1 says:

I want one!! (>0_0)>

superaj says:

Yes please.

ericinaz says:

My Xoom would love to have a keyboard so I don't have to pounds its screen.

dhunter756 says:

I would love to have one for my Flyer. I like the idea of mystery keys as well.

gahnja#AC says:

I can always use an extra keyboard! Thanks!

birchs says:

I need one for my a500 too please!

toaddodger says:

The case folds into a stand? +1 for smart design. Count me in!

rsosa1109 says:

This thing is super cool must have it.

JetsamRover says:

This would perfectly complete my low bidget student setup with my rooted nook color!

Hatred31 says:

Looks Cool. I would love one!!

ChitzT says:

Thanks Android Central in advance for the Logitech blue-tooth Keyboard :D

ricrdv says:

Would love for my galaxy tab 10.1

jmielke929 says:


lightofhonor says:

Comment! A keyboard would be helpful!

jamesp614 says:

Bluetooth me baby!

jerrycutshaw says:

my kids would LOVE to have one of these!

tralfaz says:

would go great with my Thrive and Iconia. Thanks.

robertito84 says:

I can use a new keyboard, i accidentaly spilled soda on my old one....lol

I don't want this product, because I would hate to have it. Don't pick me.

(Thought it might make me stand out. I really do want it) :)

AppHunter says:

Its a gorgous keyboard,usefull too!

Dante8205 says:

Having just ordered an asus transformer prime from best buy this morning, I could really use this.

Eric D. says:

This would go great with my Toshiba Thrive!

ejsg.android says:

I'll take it!

bushdc says:


bryanc28 says:

Would go GREAT with my Acer a500!

draken says:

Sign me up!

dtarules says:

Sweet! cant wait to type up a storm.

ggeorg says:

This would be pretty cool, not for me, but my dad, but still.

elcano says:


Metrogeek78 says:

Even if I don't win this keyboard, it would still be nice to have. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

plusbond says:

Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh, oh

stogrady says:

Would love one of these for my Xoom!

migsnj says:

I don't even own a tablet but I'll take a free keyboard!

sahilm says:

Winning this would rock so much!

I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and pretty sure this would work with the new Galaxy Nexus too.

sahilm says:

Winning this would rock so much!

I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and pretty sure this would work with the new Galaxy Nexus too.

mooserman says:

A new keyboard wouild work out great with my tablet, allowing me to get technical papers for school done much faster and way more efficently.

sahilm says:

Winning this would rock so much!

I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and pretty sure this would work with the new Galaxy Nexus too.

evan410 says:

I could go for one of these.

kbraddock says:

I could really use that.....

icebike says:

Is it too late to jump on this bandwagon? My A500 could use this as well as my unmentionable HP tablet.

keithsmith22 says:

Yep! I think I need this for my Transformer. Saves me from having to sink money into the dock. Save a brother some money and hook me up.

guenth says:


alacrify says:

Be great for my Xoom!

eric6052 says:

I could use a keyboard for my Acer Iconia A500. Thanks for another great contest.

kidjbg says:

This would be a wonderful addition to my tablet! Pick ME!

JonJJon says:

I would make a huge amount of use out of this piece of tech, love it.

kbaggs says:

Would be a great time saver

RonD says:

I need a keyboard!

kingo55 says:

I would love one of these bad boys. It'd be perfect to hook up to my Galaxy Nexus.

All these promotions you guys run rock! Thanks for organizing them...

I want.

SaHiLz says:

Thank you for accepting me,

danziskin says:

I have other Logitech products and like them. i could use the keyboard with my Acer A500.

MattyEL says:

Long time reader 1st time poster :)

Thank you!

CA1N says:


psolis says:

Sure, why not.

lawmangrant says:

i would love thsis for my wife

jkfsr says:

Would love to have it!


I would really appreciate this one....

R_Leslie says:

I've been looking for one of these.

spike72 says:

My Xoom would love a keyboard!

LJjeeper says:

This would go great with my Xoom running ICS GummyXoom!

Electrolyte says:

My little G-Slate could sure use a keyboard!

KwanyKon says:

I would really like to have this for a family member.

jrocm says:

i could most definitely use this

Anev says:

I need one for my Tab, maybe it'll make that "Touchwiz" update not so annoying. :)

mlsm says:

I'd like one please :)

tlower says:

A keyboard would be awfully nice to use on my tab. ;-)

Sainttaz says:

I would like one for my Xoom.

dkmartin says:

Ooooh oooh ... pick me pick me. I want one for my wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1.

keoni8888 says:

This would be a great device to have - thank you!

RoscoeDpG says:

damn this would be perfect since tablet was expensive enough lol but i would like this more then the dock!

mmaniaci says:

Pick me! Pick me! :)

wrighto3 says:

This would go great with my hacked gtab and would make my wife and her ipad jealous.

Pity me and my fat Xoom.

arahouston says:

I would love to have a keyboard for my "first day" Xoom!

sakasune says:

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Over here!!

**raises hand wildly in the air***

mskree says:

My Xoom could sure use a keyboard.

mikehoff99 says:

Please Oh Please Oh Please!

RyanYaddow says:

My Transformer definitely needs one of these!!

RyanYaddow says:

My Transformer definitely needs one of these!!

Nahte27 says:

That would look nice on my rooted Kindle Fire ;)

bellken says:


I need some Luck right now and this keyboard is awesome.

Hope I get lucky!

elwood1229 says:

This would be a great addition for my tablet!

chin36 says:

I need one for my Eee Transformer.

tjfritton says:

So many things I could pair this with. I'll take one, please.

bartclan says:

Looking for some AC swag here.

dcosta43 says:

I could use one that way i can stop molestimg my tab 10.1

nooColorUser says:

I will use this to control the world! aaaahahahahhaha!

hcushing says:

Count me in!

gotroot801 says:

Ooooh, me wantee! Thanks, guys.

envoynv says:

Winning this would eliminate most of my fingerprints.


Seegar says:

A keyboard for my tablet would be awesome. That way I could type the class notes even faster :)

jsmuli2 says:

my TF101 would like a new friend!

Techjourney says:

After CES, I will be deciding on which tablet I will be purchasing. This keyboard would be one less thing too buy. Thanks AC for the opportunity!

psycho2097 says:

I would love that on my transformer! :)

likwidsoul says:

This would be a cool toy.

NovoaJr says:

i would really like to win this ! Thanks !

cadence06 says:

This would be awesome to have with my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

jmccrillis says:

This would be awesome for my xoom!

thatguy906 says:

Ooooo put me on the list of Xoom owners who would love to have this!

human_error says:

GL everyone!

this would also work on a Galaxy S 2, yes?

jl2499 says:

Pick Me!!!!!!

Vudumedic says:

Oooooh a shiny new accessory to go with my Xoom!

FloridaPhil says:

Yes please kind sirs! This would be PERFECT with my Galaxy Tab 7.0+ tablet.

MeridianSun says:

This would be great for working on my Xoom more and leaving my heavy HP laptop with a 17 inch screen behind. That thing is like a cinder block. HELP!

teshizz says:

i want one!

campanth says:

I have been wanting one of these for my Galaxy Tab 10.1...

ineedme says:

Pick me please

namonaki#WP says:

I got a trip coming up and this would be great assistance!

dabigoh says:

I like new toys!!! Especially when they are free!!!!

appmy says:

I would like one.

rexorz says:

two please

JeffSoetaert says:

could always use some free stuff

skribbles505 says:

We wouldn't want your mom to get on ya for leaving stuff lying around! I'll help ya out with that!

seymor42 says:

Oooh, I would like one!

cjbrigol says:

Whoo Android Central Rocks!!

Glorishan says:

Worth a shot!

wehnertb says:

I have been looking to get this keyboard for my Thrive.

nullshepherd says:

Could really use this keyboard.

bawboh86 says:

I could use this for my Acer Iconia A500. That poor thing gets a beating when I type on it, which I do often taking notes in meetings at work.

Oh yeah, I need one of those.

Arty1302 says:


dbam987 says:

My zoom would love some company.

So much drool, can't speak....

bbroecker says:

My View just got Honeycomb, this would be a great combo!

KrsWon says:

If you give it to me, I will use it.... and promise to leave replies on Android Central with it

Thanks! I been wanting to get one of these for my Acer A500.

DrewCPU says:

Yes please!

Nchaka says:

Thanks for chance to win the keyboards. Congrats to whomever wins them..

mzambrana says:

I want it!!!!!! :)

I was already watching for a good deal on this for my Xoom. Save me Lloyd!

I could definitely use this for my new road warrior writing gig. It would go great with my tab 8.9

Ovrdrvn#AC says:

Man I so need this for my newly updated veiw 4g!

awalkerz says:

Alright! Thank you.

hyruu says:

What up?

randall2580 says:

would go very nicely with my GT 8.9

I want one please oh please!

DexAloha says:

Sweet, I wouldn't have to buy the keyboard dock for my Prime!

fillossofer says:

Yes! Would go great with my Xoom!

Derek1267 says:

Keyboard for my Galaxy tab 10.1 :-)

pistos says:

My Motorola Xoom would love to have a keyboard!

DocSavag says:

Oooh...yea I have always wanted to have a bluetooth keyboard for my Xoom Tablet, but I'm way to cheap to actually buy one myself. :)

onixblack says:

This should be awesome

fchowla says:

Please count me in!

DocJ#WN says:

pick me pick me!

frabas1 says:

this will do wondesr for me and my crew at home.

Joe H. says:


ynot3363 says:

Yeah I just really want this so I can take it apart and play with it.

cjohnson2187 says:

Good thing I just updated my evo view, this would be a great addition

rizzay1 says:

Please pick me I will soon have a galaxy tab n I need this... Plus I follow you on twitter lol

dmandel#WN says:

I like the comments where people say they "need it" for their tablet. Isn't the lack of a keyboard the reason people get tablets in the first place? I'll try it out if you send it to me and let you know. Thanks.

soopla says:

i would love to use this with my tab! would make taking notes in graduate school easier!

mangy says:

What a great idea.

steven252000 says:

Could us this too.......thanks.

myculito says:

I'm ready for the win!

doctrbob says:

Boy would that increase productivity....thanks for the opportunity, guys!

craZDude says:

i'd love to win a keyboard! As a college student, it would be incredibly useful!

funlap38 says:

Thanks for the keyboard

gadgetluva44 says:

I love gadgets!!! this would be the perfect compliment to my xoom and its hd speaker dock!!!!

GUHoya94 says:

Thanks for the chance.

ateebtk says:

I want this tablet.

EvanJ18 says:


mek_man says:

I'd love one if you don't mind!! :)

Aaaawww man! I missed it. It's closed.

lanemeyer says:

This would be definitely help my productivity!

jon_ks says:

Xoom Xoom

tarichar says:

Me please

It is just so nice to see so many Android based tablet owners out there. I don't feel so alone anymore. ;-)

memorito says:

Yes, please. Thank you very much, sir or madam. :o)

I would love one! Love the giveaways! Thanks!

navynuc730 says:

Yes Please.

Sign me up - I could use one!

gsleon3 says:

Please & thank you, still need items for raffle & auction to benefit 4-year old Alex Hauser, this would be great!

vic6string says:

Is there a Swype touchpad version ;-)

herbz says:

that'd be nice for my TF :)

ryank007 says:

I'd love to win this! Please pick me!

supsoc says:

Okay, count me in :-)

frankyblike says:

omg i would love a keyboard for my iconia

psychofox13 says:

Oooo, this looks super cool. Never had a bluetooth keyboard before!

oomatter says:

I hope I'm not too late.

Papa.pompous says:

Really need a keyboard for my tablet :-) thanks for the opportunity guys.

bouche123 says:

With a new kid on the way I need all of the help I can get.

Would love a BT keyboard for my GTab 10.1!

The_Noah_ says:

This would be nice.

facedown41 says:

oo me me

ac1964 says:

I would love one......

I'd love one! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

roark1138 says:

Me me me!

Logical_guy says:

Yes Please, I would love to get my wife a late xmas gift.

landjo77 says:

This looks like a great accessory!

user311 says:

This is my lucky winning comment; Go go lucky winning comment go.

bnpdp says:

Nice keyboard.

mandar_h says:

Gimme one to use with my acer iconia a500

sfay93 says:

This keyboard would go great with my Iconia tablet. Thanks AC.

ExMimic says:

hope i win

eze036 says:

pick me please :)

ae4365 says:

I would like the keyboard for my xoom since my wife took my laptop.

Would be an awesome edition to my toshiba thrive that arrives in the mail today that i cant wait for!

jimbl says:

Oh hell yes (please), this would be awesome for my Galaxy Tab 10.1!

kotsi1 says:

I would love to have one!

shakuyi says:

pick me

OrionAntares says:

I'll leave a comment too!

Egg#AC says:

Ohh how nice would this be.

This would take my Xoom Wifi from the web browser and game player it is to an actually productive piece of equipment. Please choose Egg!

parkjam says:

Ohhh, I could totally use one of these!

hoosiercub says:

Yes please.

quigs1 says:

I love fishsticks!

laipi14159 says:

I'd like to thank AC for the amazing prizes they've given away over the years!

brytonic says:

Ooh that would be very nice!

McDreamy says:

This would go great with my google schwag I just got from work ;D so throw me into the mix!!

LakerStar25 says:

Be nice to have this

magneto198 says:

I need this

jrock151#CB says:

I'd love this keyboard. This would be my first time winning anything from here.

alnsnk says:

The review for this keyboard is awesome. Definitely would be a keyboard to buy. Thanks Android Central.

dougtheneard says:

Not that I have a snowball's chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks but why not. :P

bluewr says:

A keyboard would be a usefull addition to my device.

Jonneh says:

Hello! Here I am! Pick me, please! I want a logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard! :-D It'd go great with the two android tablets my parents received for Christmas this year! Thank you for the opportunity.

Dural says:

Must pair with my new Gal Tab 10.1

moonema says:

Oh, I could sure use one!

XpAcErX says:

I'd be happy to have one of these.

micl9 says:

Pick me - pick me!

airos4 says:

Yes please

malezander says:

My Xoom will thank you!

Oooo Pretty please! My Xoom says thank you!!!

jguytarist says:

My Touchpad will soon be running Ice Cream Sandwich thanks to Cyanogenmod so I would love one of these!

nnjmrk says:

Yes! I was just about to buy one of these.

Mav282054 says:

This keyboard would be an awesome addition to my Tab 10.1 I use it at work so much now.

Behace says:

That would beba wonderful way to start the weekend.

dlhowell2 says:

Please count me in...... My wife has been begging for one of these!

jharo says:

Cool, I've been looking at picking one up!

bobr68#AC says:

I am a teacher and my students would think I am cool if I won!

wcrenshaw3 says:

keyboard would be awesome for the acer iconia I got for Christmas!

the0duke0 says:

This would be great once I get Ice Cream Sandwich so I don't have to touch my Xoom with ice cream covered fingers!

Xpander17 says:

A keyboard for my Xoom would be the last step into totally replacing my laptop.

hosps says:

Yes please! :P

muscal says:

I just got the Transformer Prime but couldn't afford the dock. This would be awesome to win.

dexture1 says:

My xoom could use some accessories. :-)

BigSplendor says:


psyrik says:

Sounds good and looks good too.

cnote56 says:


jzee923 says:

Hope i can win one of these!

ker_ken says:


icu says:

Love me some bluetooth. AC FTW.

djron says:

Will help me keep awake at night. Getting up every 2hrs to feed the newborn:-)

mahers says:

Hook me up! Please. :)

spidengo says:

I want to win this Logitech Keyboard because "all your base are belong to us" --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qItugh-fFgg

EdsonDJ says:

Would work great with my Xoom.

superchrls says:

This would be so useful!!!

Keriksen says:

Sweet! Will be a nice addition to my Motorola products :)

Mo007 says:

I'd love to get one.

JackStorm says:

I know what I would type the first time I used my Logitech Keyboard... "Thank you AndroidCentral!"

Seeing as I can't seem to win the lottery, winning this would be the next best thing:-)

hillncharge says:

I would really like for you to pick me please.

Cry Havoc says:

Be nice to have for my GT10.1

wungfu says:

I could use that for school!

curl2k1 says:

would go nice with this galaxy tab

genoist says:

I would like to win one of those for my Xoom please.

guailifit says:

one for me :)

dunner87 says:

Here's hoping I win!

phiish says:

I would love to win this thing!!

lmr47 says:

Hope this works on a Touchpad running CM7

Slusho64 says:

This keyboard: awesome,
If I win this useful prize,
I will be happy.

Haikus are so versatile.

ericwilborn says:

How many comments are we up to now?

lsmunoz says:

I need this to go with my Toshiba Thrive. Thanks AC you guys rock!

sammy_g says:

Oh heck yeah!

kellybrf says:

thank you!

krispy521 says:

Pick me please.

thamenacing1 says:

This will be a nice addition to the android tablet I got my wife for Christmas!

AJCinMD says:

I'd love one of these! I haven't gotten a gift for Epiphany since I was little kid!

Delenot says:

Nice prize!

bigbmartinez says:

I would like to have one of these for my Motorola Xoom.

ChillFactorz says:

Logitech? Does it come with GoogleTV?

sirlars says:

i really could use this

xtremedyme says:

pick me

strikeir13 says:

I'm assuming it works with the HP Touchpad?? Either way, I'll take it! Thanks :)

chuckz28 says:

I love these contests. And I'd love a keyboard.

batttousai says:

This would be nice for my tablet and phone!!!
Dnt overlook me! thank you

batttousai says:

This would be nice for my tablet and phone!!!
Dnt overlook me! thank you