Vizio tablet

Back in January at CES, Vizio announced that they would be coming out with a phone, tablet and Google TV device. Since then, not much more information has been discovered, including release dates. Until today, when we were sent this picture of Walmart's pricing -- $349.

Today, however, NBA star Blake Griffin has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that shows off the 8-inch device, hinting that there might be a release date imminent.

In the video, the Vizio rep that is showing Griffin the tablet talks about a unified Vizio experience that will allow the phone, tablet and TV to all work well together. One example he gives is flicking pictures from the smaller devices to the TV in order to show them off to everyone.

What we know about the upcoming Vizio tablet is what was announced back at CES, which is that it will feature:

  • 8-inch touchscreen
  • Honeycomb
  • 1GHz processor
  • Front-facing camera
  • WiFi
  • HDMI-out
  • 3 speakers

The tablet looks intriguing and for $349 is definitely undercutting the rest of the competitors out there. The only bug noticeable from the video is the slow transition from portrait to landscape and vice versa, but again, it is an unreleased product that will likely get the bugs ironed out before launch.

Check out the video after the break. If it's going to be released soon, who's going to be like Blake Griffin and go pick one up?

Source: YouTube


Reader comments

Vizio 8-inch tablet priced by Walmart and promoted by Blake Griffin, coming soon?


My thoughts exactly. I wasn't previously in the market for a tablet but as they are coming down I wouldn't mind having one for experimenting with.

Lets get this straight (look i use a Homosexual term), 8 inches of glory [insert pun], HDMI mirroring, an IR sensor to control my TV, Honeycomb, and a 1GHz processor?!?! all for 349?!?! YES PLEASE ! ! ! !

My question is: Did he just randomly ask the Vizio guy "hey, can I record you showing off the tablet??" or was it some sorta paid promotion thing XD

If it was the randomly asking to show it off thing, I wonder how much trouble the Vizio guy got into for showing the device off XD

For $349.00 running on wifi how can you go wrong. Perfect size, running Honeycomb, think I might check it out. Must admit I have my eye on the HTC 7 inch tablet with the writing pen. That tablet looks pretty interesting as well. Then you have the 10.1 inch Android tablet that is a must have. I would like to have a great tablet rooted and be able to make phone calls with. There must be some hack available for this.

The price is certainly compelling. If this is a Honeycomb tablet its got the wifi only original Galaxy Tab beaten. I already took the plunge and bought an Acer Iconia so I will stick with that. I like the 10.1 inch size better anyway, sincenI found the 7 inch Nook Color to small.

There's no honeycomb, at least not right away.

If it's not in that promo video, it's not on the tablet you're buying,
and if I know one thing about shit from walmart, you'll never get an update to HC.

Then again, the device does look nice. The hacker community will love it. Fucking heavy, but the buttons are cool.


How do you know the weight?

I'm all for a sub $400 tablet by the way, and agree completely, the community will love this thing, just like the Nook Color...