Viewsonic gTablet

Good news for all of you G Tablet users out there -- the kernel source has now been released by ViewSonic, in compliance with the General Public License (GPL). For those of you who are not exactly sure how this will affect you, don't worry. This will make a lot of developers out there happy, since they can now start diving into its code and pulling it apart. Hopefully we'll see even more custom hacks to spruce up its UI, and kernels opening up very soon. [ViewSonic via the Android Central Forums] Thanks to ak11070!


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ViewSonic gTablet kernel source released


I posted this in the forums here and on XDA... Didn't think too many people cared. Im glad, it was time for Viewsonic to release.

It definitely got our attention, and I think with a little hard work now that this Kernel is out the gTablet has a lot of potential.

Would have loved to see this come out when the device did. Now that the holidays are past... we're waiting for tablets with market installed and flash that work right out of the box. Too little too late Viewsonic- you could have been a contender... (shipping to stores like Staples, Office Depot and Sears instead of Target and Best Buy sure didn't help them either.