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Ready the hype machine, another Droid will make its way to Verizon

Inactive since the launch of the Droid RAZR in November of 2011, the @DroidLanding Twitter account sent out a tweet today indicating that we may be greeted by another "Droid" device from Verizon. In typical macho-robot-ridiculous fashion, the tweet reads:

"Reactivation protocols initiated ::: Systems nearing operational status ::: Stand by for further instructions...".

A little cryptic, to say the least, but it certainly sounds like Verizon is ready to get the ball rolling on a campaign to release another Droid device to its network.

We haven't the foggiest on what it could be, but you can bet Verizon will take this one seriously. Hit the source link to see the tweet in all its glory.

Source: @DroidLanding; Via: DroidLife


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Verizon reactivates 'DroidLanding' Twitter account, drops cryptic hint


HTC Droid One, with the Butterfly S coming out and the original Butterfly being identical to the HTC DNA, I am assuming that Verizon will release the HTC One but it will be identical to the Butterfly S, cause we all know how verizon likes to f@ck with every phone being the anal retentive control freaks that they are.

I had a feeling they would mess up the HTC one. at least it will have boom sound, but no metal body.

My daughter would want the Droid 5 cause she will not settle for less than a full physical keyboard! She hates the on screen BS. And for the most part I agree with her.

and a locked boot loader, and 62Gigs of useless bloatware, and updates to 2 year old versions 4 years late

I'm calling that it will be Droid Butterfinger- a phone completely coated in flubber with flip phone specs, and facebook home. You heard it here first folks.

Isn't the X slated for the third quarter? So I don't it is that.

HTC one maybe.

At least it would be something new

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third quarter is less than 2 weeks away. I would of waited for the moto X phone but they were too slow for it coming out, and will probably only be on Verizon. I finally dropped Verizon, no way i'm going back now.

1st off, remember everyone.... Verizon is getting the htc One..... It will NOT be turned into a Droid..... That's why we have the DNA.
2nd. It is about time to refresh the Incredible 4G LTE and the DNA. Maybe the DNA 2...

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Maybe an Incredible refresh but the DNA came out in November. HTC needs to stop screwing around with other crap and get the One out on Verizon.

Something called the Motorola XFON just passed through the FCC. Coincidence maybe? Doubt it.

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As a Verizon rep,I can only advise that the corporation works studiously behind the scenes to bring the customers great new phones and products. Check back with us later for more information l and o and el!

I see four Droid Devices by the end of the year. Droid DNA + (AKA Droid HTC One 5" form factor not 4.7), Droid Razr HD X/X Maxx (XFon on steroids, 1080p and built in the US), Droid Incredible HD (Re-purposed HTC Windows Phone 8x). This doesn't include the LG Spectrum HD (Rehashed Optimus G Pro), Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S 3 (Mid range rehash) Update, Samsung Galaxy S 4 Themed Edition, Galaxy S 4 Active, and some lower end offerings from Pantech and Casio.

Let's also not forget the Iphone 5s and Iphone 5 Nano. Blackberry's at 1080p, and a Surface MS Phone by November.

Balls to the wall gentlemen this is going to be a hell of a ride.

I'm surprised that no one seems to be considering the theme here. My call: this will be a phone called the Droid Combat, and it will be the followup to the Casio Commando. The phone has been rumored for a while now and fits the theme.

I think everyone is just hoping that it will be one of the phones that everyone is waiting for (XFON, One, etc). I have a feeling everyone is going to be disappointed when they discover this isn't the droid they've been looking for.