According to sources at Droid Life, Verizon is planning to brand their new LTE network — which incorporates band 4 LTE on AWS — as XLTE and will tell us everything there is to tell on May 19. Verizon has been actively expanding their AWS footprint for a while, and will use the new spectrum to provide better service in 50 new markets in 2014. If anyone understands spectrum crunch, it's Verizon (and their customers) who has seen speeds and quality of service degrade in many metro areas as of late.

While some phones will work with the new network, specifically the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, many customers will need new equipment to take advantage of any new XLTE network that gets built out. We're not exactly sure how all of this will play out, but we're very interested to see what Verizon has to tell us come next Monday.

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Verizon may unveil their XLTE network on May 19


You're probably right as long as they keep adding subscribers. About the only carrier who can't pull anything like that right now is Sprint.

Heres hoping for a TMobile buyout from Sprint. One has the coverage and the other the speed and great prices. Combined they stand a better chance of changing things in the US market.

The sad part is that XLTE will be fast for about a year and then get bogged down again once everyone has a phone with aws.

I remember when LTE started on VZW and I got speeds of 20 down /15 up, and it got slower and slower, now I get 8/3. From Jan 2012 to now. The same will happen again, unless verizon reinforces the entire networ with more towers.

VZW only put up the minimum amount of LTE towers to label an area "covered." With saving 30 Billion from NOT paying taxes last year, and they haven't paid taxes for 4 years, and 120 Billion a year in profits, you would think they could afford to put up more LTE towers that cost $250 K a piece to reinforce their network and loosen the congestion.

It's not from a lack of towers.. it's bandwidth Verizon only has LTE as their 4G compared to other carriers.. so everyone on Verizon is running on the same LTE with no other 4G to tier down to like AT&T.. so while Verizon knowing early LTE was better was great... it kind of played against them because AT&Ts and T-Mobiles first run at 4G now gives them another highway(bandwidth) to put people on ..whereas all of Verizon customers have to be on the same highway... So this XLTE will help .. but it's not because a lack of towers

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Further the issue u speak of lack of towers and a company putting up minimal towers to say they have coverage in a particular area sounds more like T-Mobile... Not Verizon... That's probably why T-Mobile drops more calls compai to Verizon ...not trying to bash but u can find a list of towers and compare for yourself

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Exactly...i remember when i went from their 3g to their 4g lte and my bill went up a whole zero dollars and zero cents... I was pissed and they better not do that again

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Um obviously you don't have Verizon or haven't had them long... They didn't change any pricing when they Launched LTE first in the US so I wouldn't see why they would do anything different... How much experience and knowledge do you have in dealing with Verizon or are u just another AC Verizon hater ?

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first conspiracy: Nexus 5 has band 4 LTE... NEXUS 5 WILL WORK ON VERIZON!! lol let the wishful thinking begin!!

Nexus 5 could work on Verizon if Verizon used VoLTE, but you would't be able to use it in 3G areas like the highways of the nation that is all 3G only unless you hit a major populous

doubtful, you'll have to pay for the hardware because if you take their subsidized hardware you have to take a share plan. but I doubt they would lock users out of a specific LTE band,

Theyre going to try and brand just having 2 LTE bands? Well i guess Sprint is branding having 3 LTE bands, must be the new cool thing to do. Soon there will be ATT LTE++ and TMobile LightningTE!

XLTE? really?
What braindead marketing department came up with that. It's not a new kind of network it's just an additional band.

Yup. This is the time they will announce firm plans to begin the gradual removal of all remaining grandfathered unlimited customers. No matter, as long as I can still get some kind of better-than-3G speeds on LTE, I'll hang on to my unlimited plan for dear life.

Anyone know of the full list of supported AWS Band 4 hardware?

I don't know the full list, but my Droid Maxx (XT1080M) supports it. When they turned it on near my office several months ago, I went from toggling 3G/4G to 80 Mb/s download speed.

Yes, I am on grandfathered unlimited data, and typically use between 6 and 8 GB per month.

Verizon coverage just works for me, but I am tempted to pick up one of the new Moto G LTE models to try out GSM carriers.

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Ugh. Must these companies brand everything? And what's with adding an "X"? I guess that letter is supposed to be hip, cool, and all that other stuff.

Seriously, I'm guessing this is more about the phones than the network. You can believe that XLTE is going to be all over the devices that can use the new bands because Verizon really needs a selling point to get subs to upgrade. I guess it's just due to the slowdown in phone innovation, but, looking at what's out there and comparing all the new models to my Note 2, I just don't see the compelling reason to upgrade that I saw when I replaced my Bolt. The technology is maturing, so changes are coming slower, which means the carriers need to latch onto everything they can to make it one more possible reason to upgrade.

The Note 2 just looks old when compared to the new galaxies or htc m8 lol. My dad uses it and drools at my wife's note 3 or my one max and m8. But it all boils down to preference.

XLTE? I can already see the uninformed claiming that their phone is better because it uses XLTE which is better than LTE....just like I saw someone type "4GLTE is much better than regular 4G"
Although, I haven't seen anyone claim that Spark is better than due time I guess.

I hate marketing terms. What ever happened to calling each tech by its name instead of 2G/3G/4G/4GLTE. Even Sprint refers to wimax as 4G and LTE as 4GLTE. This is worse when dealing with T-Mobile. Trying explain to a rep the difference between EDGE and GPRS, to them its all just "2G"

Technically 4G LTE is better than 4G. They are two different classes. This is why AT&T commercials claim they have the largest 4G network and Verizon commercials claim to have the largest 4G LTE network.

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Maybe compatible, but are the proper bands activated? I would have to say no, but it should be a simple software thing....

New network, new name same Verizon policies or worse. I had Verizon since 2008, left last plans to return regardless of what network they offer.

Good for u enjoy your new network, I'll continue to enjoy my forever improving network on Verizon!!!

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I think the best thing that can happen is VZW kills itz unlimited plans even for the grandfathered customers so they can finally cut the last tie that keeps them and go for a provider that gives them greater freedom of phone hardware

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Tried jump on the T-Mobile band wagon. Lasted awhole 24 hrs. As soon as T-Mobile reopened next day and canceled. I need a network that works not one with speeds slower the AOL dial up from the 90s.

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Unfortunately some of the phones I get to play with are on tmo. I would prefer a 28.8 modem
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Now people will use up their tiered data plans even faster. Look honey, we used up our 10GB allotment for the month. Damn you and your bathroom extravaganza's! Is only been 2 hours since we paid or bill and new GB's were added.....

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Looks like another reason to jump on the LG G3 when it rolls out. I'm sure that beast will be compatible!
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Verizon plans are a total rip off. My AT&T plan cost me $90 a month with unlimited calls and text plus 3 GB of data. Their service is just as good if not better then Verizon. I have traveled to multiple states and I usually full bars wherever I go.

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^ This

I am so happy I ditched Verizon for AT&T. My Nexus 5 + Straight Talk = awesomeness. I pay $45 a month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3 GB's of LTE data, and I save so much money over an equal plan on Verizon.

Got Nexus?

Straight Talk works on AT&T's network, gets the same coverage, virtually the same speed, is cheaper, uses the same phones, and is more flexible. Please explain how that is 'living a pipe dream'? Sounds more like living the right dream to me.

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Straight Talk is owned by Tracfone, which is owned by Carlos Slim, one of the worst corporate stewards in history. He destroyed CompUSA, The Good Guys, Circuit City, etc.
Also, you do -NOT- get access to data roaming, you are regulated and throttled on your speeds and your actual voice and data coverage is not NEARLY as comprehensive as an actual AT&T branded product and service.
That is how, Sir.

1. I know nothing about, nor do I care about who owns TracFone.

2. It is a known fact that most prepaid carriers don't have roaming. I don't care either, since the only GSM service provider in my area is AT&T, thus leaving no other carriers for me to roam on.

3. Straight Talk only is throttled after you exceed your 3GB monthly allowance. The reason it is slightly slower, is because everything goes through a proxy, which slows it down. All prepaid carriers do this.

4. AT&T coverage and Straight Talk coverage is identical. I have tried my Nexus 5 side by side with another AT&T SIM one, and coverage is identical. Check the coverage maps if you don't believe me.

All in all, it just sounds like you have a beef with any prepaid carrier that is cheaper, and yet nearly the same quality.

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Um Verizon and AT&T plans are about the same cost me it's no cheaper than Verizon, u maybe had an outdated plan on Verizon.... But if u switched because updates and /or a nexus are important to u... Understandable ... The networks are very competitive between the 2.... Verizon tends to update theirs faster and AT&T shortly thereafter

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lol that's a joke I have uvers and service is fine I only keep it because it cheap but if u ever need help then u would have better luck asking a strange on the street then with any one who works for att

Sorry, no. The G2 uses an older version of the S800. Its basically an overclocked S600 with some 800 parts. The later chipsets used in the Xperia Z1s and a few others DO have the capability. and their spec layouts are helpful as this site does NOTHING near as comprehensive in its shitty reviewing of units. This is why I complain incessantly about the lack of US models being 'reviewed' with out of country outsourced writers. Phil must be busy eating and gaining more weight.

That's funny cause my g2 is using aws right now lol, you do realize us g2 owners got an update to activate the band? Yes the hardware is there

This is a dumb 'article'. The AWS network is 10x10 minimum, L.A. is 20x20 right now. 80MBPs for the last three weeks. Great that you guys are on point.

I love how uneducated haters will call this a marketing scheme. T-Mobile's "Nationwide" 4G LTE is a marketing scheme. XLTE literally means extra LTE....

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No it doesnt. It is a marketing scheme. Just like T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.
I think we ALL can agree Sprint should just eat that stupid fucking hamster and die a slow death.

The VZW spectrum? It should on AWS. But everyone should keep in mind, NONE of the iPhones can access that spectrum and network and VZW sells about 50% iPhone, 40% Android.