Regardless of how big or small the update, it is just our nature as Android geeks to love any OTA that we are presented with (so long as it doesn't break our beloved root, right?). Well, it seems as though Motorola Photon 4G owners are starting to receive an OTA update that brings quite a few bug fixes and new features to the device, and so far in the forums there seems to be some positive feedback about it. This update brings:

Photon Update

So, if you are a Photon 4G owner you will want to hop into your system settings, scroll down to about phone, and check for updates and get to downloading. Be sure to share your thoughts of the update with us.

Source: Motorola; via: Android Central Forums


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Update for the Motorola Photon 4G rolling out, brings video to Google Talk


Checked out the Photon... then wondered why it didn't have the latest Blur... which is a lot better than other versions.... I'm just so bored of phones on Sprint... I got the OG EVO... I need another Blockbuster.. I need at least NFC and ICS

Seems like moto is on the ball with updates. Still wondering if my galaxy s II will get regular updates. How long before official lock screen update on ATT version?

Well, the XPRT is still stuck in Froyoland so I wouldn't say Moto is technically on the ball with updates. They are probably waiting for ICS to be released to then update the XPRT with the latest and greatest... Gingerbread. :(

That said, Moto seems to be doing better with updates when you compare it to Samsung, even though Samsung isn't as bad as it was last year.

EDIT: For a moment I thought Motorola was going to make me look bad, as a new system update popped up tonight for the XPRT. But nope, it's still Android 2.2.2.

Ok. I'm relatively new to android - webOS refugee. My MoPho is the first android phone I've owned. I keep waiting for the androidcentral guys to complete their promised review of the MoPho. It was promised at the end of the mini review that they did and when the MoPho came out on US Cellular - just called the Electrify.

It strikes me that maybe this is just the way things are. That less popular phones get less attention. And that perhaps the AC staff have decided that it's not worth thier time to finish the review. Is this a pretty normal thing?

Guy there are Photon reviews all over the internet. Why are you depending on just one website? And you already have the phone so why does that even matter?

Yes there are other reviews. Just was wondering what the AC guys thought.

Look, it's not like I'm sitting here crying in my beer because I don't have the review from AC. Was just curious if it was coming and maybe if I needed to adjust my expectations for this site as compared to PreCentral, where the much smaller slate of devices meant that everything got the full treatment.

I wouldn't say the Photon isn't a phone worth reviewing. Maybe I'm biased because that (the Electrify) will be my next phone, but I don't think it was a bad phone. They has to review A LOT of phones. The rest of the review will come with the Motorola Electrify, which is the same phone with U.S. Cellular's carrier branding.

So what Android devices support Google Talk video chat? My EVO 3D is running 2.3.4 and doesn't have it, but this Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch I'm reviewing does. Is there a list somewhere? Googling turned up diddly.

Hopefully, this fixes the problem where the car dock goes into speakerphone mode when receiving a call... using the phone speakers instead of the car's.

If you own the Photon, you are going to love this update. Performance increase, fixes, including everything mentioned in changelog above. My photon flies even faster than before. :-)

This update is terrible. Phone idle has taken over the processor and keeps the phone at 36C or hotter, even sitting on my desk. I am barely even able to charge my phone now the battery dies so quickly.

take off lookout and juice defender..... was doing the same thing to my wifey's MoPho. we thought the usb port was broke cuz it was consistently hot while charging.. not a problem since

I haven't had to use Juice Defender in years. I was always able to get a day out of the phone, but now I get 5 hours of idle time after the latest update. 4G radio is off, BTW.

I currently have a photon running Gingerbread, I think it's a great phone and great improvement over 2.2 No need to root anymore, all apps can be moved to SD card easily, all apps and games run great. Camera is nice w/ HD video. GPS, game emulators, micro sd slot, headphone jack. cant ask for much more in a phone. It won't do your homework for you though, until someone writes the app for that