Toshiba tablet

Though Toshiba isn't scheduled to formally introduce its latest Honeycomb tablet until tomorrow afternoon, our friends over at NotebookItalia were able to score two photos of the yet-to-be-named device during today's IFA events in Berlin. From what we can tell, the tablet's physique is as thin as rumored, and it does indeed include slots for HDMI out, microUSB, and a microSD card. The latest chatter suggests a 1.5 GHz Tegra 2 processor, but until Toshiba officially takes the wraps off, everything remains speculative. Hit the break for one more picture.

Source: NotebookItalia; Thanks Marco!

Toshiba tablet


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Upcoming Toshiba tablet shows off its slim figure prior to official unveiling

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um, the website you refer to says "dual-core processor at 1.5GHz Texas Instruments OMAP4460"

tegra2 is sooooo 2011.